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  1. Unbelievable meltdown! I feel bad for her. She has such intense psychological issues...
  2. Tuesday, August 2, 2:12 AM, Feed 1 and 2 (20 minutes)- The Vets interrogate Porcshe about what she had been talking to Daniele about all night.
  3. But she usually at least has something to gain from it. What does she gain from pissing Rachel off for no reason? Plus she looked really scared and deep in thought when thinking about how Jeff would react. She's a hell of an actor if this is all just show.
  4. At the beginning of this week I would have bet my house that Brendon was going home. But the most unbelievable conversation just took place on the Live Feed for the last couple hours. It really sounds like Brenchel has Shelly convinced to pull Adam in with them and vote Jordan out! This could be one of the greatest shockers in BB history if it happens! I understand that Shelly pretty much plays every side and convinces everyone that she is with them but she really genuinely seems prepared to do this and I don't know what her motivation would be to agree to it if she isn't going to do it... Thoughts?
  5. I think people get way too into the conspiracy theories about reality TV being completely fixed. I think it would be beyond impossible to hide blatantly fixed eliminations/evictions in all these shows. The word would get out and a show's reputation would be ruined forever. No doubt there is more minor manipulation going on such as picking a competition that is most suited for the person whose victory would be most entertaining (such as the most recent HOH competition) but it wasn't like the producer was gonna come running out screaming that they have to re-shoot it if Shelly or Porsche would have won. Producers know that if you trap a whole bunch of outspoken people from very different backgrounds in a house together for the summer and make them vote each other out, the drama produces itself. I'm much more concerned with people being misrepresented through clever editing than about the results of the show being fixed.
  6. I have liked Rachel this year far more than last year. I think because she has toned down some of the more annoying parts of her personality and has been more entertaining. It will be interesting to see how she copes without Brendon though because she has never been in the BB house without him. I, for one, feel bad that everyone assumes she will be next to go after Brendon and hope she goes on a winning streak and gets her revenge on Dani.
  7. My list is completely different (except for last place) depending on whether we're going by likeability or entertainment value: Likeability: 1. Jordan (So sweet and quirky!) 2. Jeff (A cool and funny dude) 3. Shelly 4. Adam 5. Rachel 6. Brendon 7. Porsche 8. Daniele (Manipulative brat!) 9. Lawon (The personality of a drink coaster) 10. Kalia (I might kill myself if I was stuck in a room with her for 10 minutes!) Entertainment Value: 1. Rachel (Wildly emotional and unpredictable!) 2. Daniele (Great villain) 3. Jeff (Always has the best DR entries!) 4. Jordan 5. Brendon 6. Shelly 7. Adam 8. Porsche 9. Lawon (Absolutely clueless!) 10. Kalia (One of the most annoying BB contestants EVER!)
  8. Monday, August 1, 10:58 pm, All Feeds (10 minutes)- A funny clip of Adam and Porsche doing lap dances for Brenchel's "bachelor party".
  9. I have a feeling it doesn't matter much who she puts up... even Lawon would get the votes over either Brenchel. The majority of the house wants Brenchel split up and I've heard J/J and Shelly mention here and there that it is a good time for one of them to go. They do campaign super hard though so the safest bet for Dani to get one of them out has to be Jordan, the house sweetheart.
  10. Sunday, July 31, 9:56 pm, Feed 3/4 (30 minutes)- The Brenchel/Dani drama continues as Brenchel asks her once again to accept a deal.
  11. Saturday, July 30, 11:08 pm, Feed 3 (15 minutes)- Danielle attempts to console Rachel about putting Brenchel on the block. It doesn't go particularly well...
  12. Friday, July 29, 3:43 pm, Feed 1 (45 minutes)- Brenchel tries one last time to pull back Dani back to the Vets alliance before they have to go to war.
  13. I have to agree with the person who said she should have let Kalia have HOH. Kalia is going to do whatever she tells her to do anyways so it would be like being HOH this week and also getting to play for HOH next week... a much better move. Kalia even said many times she would put up Brenchel so nothing would have changed. Now it doesn't really matter whether Brendon or Rachel is sent home, they are both great competitors who are going to be coming after her every week.
  14. Good luck taking Rachel to the final 2 now. Rachel is gonna go kamikaze on her ass. After all, Dani came between her and her man. Dani is better at physical challenges but Rachel is better on the quiz/puzzle stuff. It will be a miracle if one doesn't take the other out before jury.
  15. Thursday, July 28, 7:16 pm, All Feeds (1 hour, 15 minutes)- Here is one of those rare opportunities to watch a live competition. It's also interesting to watch the reactions of the Vets alliance as they watch their worst case scenario come to fruition.
  16. Wednesday, July 27, 12:52 pm, Feed 3 (1 hour, 30 minutes)- This argument between Brendon and Kalia explodes into a huge fight involving most of the house. It is one of the biggest BB fights I've ever seen in terms of people involved.
  17. I was thinking it would be helpful to have a daily list of what people's favorite live feed clips of the day before were for those people that don't have time to watch absolutely everything. Please post the date, time, feed #, duration and short description of your clip. The clips can be dramatic, silly, tear-jerking, whatever. Here's my first one: Tuesday, July 26, 3:37 pm, Feed 3 (lasts approximately 1 hour, 20 minutes)- Everything is exposed as Dominic pleads for his life with the veterans
  18. As annoying as I think Brendon is, his play this season has been completely brilliant. He really knows how to take best advantage of HOH and inspire loyalty from everyone in the house whether or not he is actually working with them. Plus he has been playing Daniele like a fiddle and keeping a very cool head when she throws temper tantrums. Player of the season so far! I don't think Rachel would last long without him.
  19. But how in the world was this going to get her game further? She was already in a very solid alliance that already had both the numbers and the best competitors. Even if for some reason she didn't think this was a great situation, it was way to early to make a move like this, especially when her alliance has been HOH every single week. Trying to split the vets up this early was beyond risky-- it was suicide. Now no amount of backtracking can save her butt. And Brendon is playing her so brilliantly I don't think she'd put either of the vet pairs up even if she did win HOH this week whether Dom goes home or not.

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