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  1. Adam seems cheery enough... maybe he won.
  2. I totally agree. Unless something HUGE is going on they should never have 4 cameras on one thing!
  3. Yeesh they are still not done with POV? It's been almost 3 hours now...
  4. It really sucks that neither Brendon or Rachel can play because Brendon's head is at stake as much as anyone. Since I want the nominations to stay the same I guess that Jordan is the best option since she would be scared Jeff would go up. Daniele would be fine too cause then at least she is forced to decide whether she's gonna screw Brenchel or not instead of having the blood on someone else's hands. The problem is that Adam and Shelly are the only ones that are truly motivated I think...
  5. Yeah I don't think Jeff or especially Jordan would actually use it. I think the biggest mystery here is whether or not Dani is going to try to win and get Brendon out or if she'd rather work with him.
  6. And Brenchel/Dani is a hell of a fierce alliance that has all of the competitions covered! Brendon- Physical, Rachel- Puzzles/trivia, Dani- Endurance. It would be pretty fun to watch them all smoke their way to the F3!
  7. Even though I'm a Dani hater that was a smart move. She's in a desperate situation and she has to trust somebody other than her two lackeys. And Brenchel are actually some of the most loyal people in the house if you ask me. J/J wants both Dani and Brenchel out so they might as well all shuffle the deck together.
  8. I think she she is making the best possible use of the HOH. She was in a spot where if she stuck to her plan and put up Brenchel most likely Rachel would go home this week and she isn't nearly the threat Brendon is. And she was almost guaranteed to go home next week if she didn't win veto. By making this deal with Brenchel, she gets to send Brendon home if someone wins the veto and uses it. And if it isn't used, someone on the vets side goes home and she probably will be safe next week. Contrary to popular belief, Brenchel isn't any more likely to break a deal then J/J (who has admitted several times they will put Daniele/Kalia up ASAP despite any deals they might have made) and they really don't owe any loyalty to anyone because everyone wants them out.
  9. Agreed and I am not a Jordan hater either. I think she is the most classy, respectible person in the game and would be an awesome person to have as a friend outside of the house but IN the house she doesn't do crap. She just sits around looking pretty, being sweet to everyone, not trying in competitions, never making any waves while everyone takes each other out and suddenly she is sitting in the F2. I'm not saying this is a bad strategy but anyone who lets her get to the F2 deserves to lose.
  10. Last week I said if Shelly is able to go the entire game without her lies and tall tales being exposed, she will be one of the greatest players of all time. But it could also all blow up in her face and it looks like lots of cracks are starting to form and she is going into denial mode. We're seeing an ugly side of Shelly now, who is resorting to pity rather than smooth talking to manipulate people and I hope she's the one to go this week cause her game is quickly going to crap.
  11. Yeah but J/J certainly aren't going to keep Brendon around over either Adam or Shelly. Daniele has a fool proof plan here. Either the veto is used and Brendon goes home as she originally wanted or the veto is not used and she will probably be safe next week and can decide then if she wants to keep working with Brenchel or not. It's a smart move from a desperate player.
  12. Oh please, J/J have just been using Brenchel the whole game and made it very clear they were going to dump Rachel like a piece of trash the second Dani was out of the game. They got rid of Lawon to weaken Dani, not to save Rachel. Then when Brendon came back they were happy only because they could coast to the end of the game while the bigger targets take each other out. Brenchel owes no loyalty to anybody in this game and if they can go further by working with Dani then that is probably the best move for them.
  13. Yesterday was pretty insane so at least three clips are necessary to capture even a fraction of the chaos that went down: Friday, August 12, 3:36 pm, Feed 1 (1 hour)- Just before nominations, Brenchel offers Daniele a final 3 deal and makes a very convincing argument for why working with them will keep Daniele in the game longer (I even believed it myself ). This conversation amazingly causes Daniele to change her nominations at the last minute! Friday, August 12, 3:44 pm, Feed 3 (1 hour)- When Shelly overhears Kalia and Porsche talking crap about her, it begins a meltdown that lasts all afternoon and evening. After Shelly confronts Kalia, Kalia follows her outside and an argument ensues. Porsche eventually comes out and gets involved too. Friday, Augsust 12, 7:12 pm, Feed 3 (15 minutes)- When Jordan gets frustrated by accusations from various people of her making deals she calls a house meeting. The discussion gets ugly very quickly as Rachel and Porsche expose Brenchel and Shelly's discussion of a final 3 deal weeks ago which Shelly furiously denies. This appears to have shifted the love/hate relationship between Rachel and Shelly into a hate/hate one.
  14. Damn, you guys gotta admit Brenchel just made a really convincing argument and Dani genuinely seems to be considering it!
  15. Ugh! Terrible move! Why can't they just face the fact that Dani is not going to work with them and even if she made a deal she would never keep it! They KNOW this is Big Brother and it will get back to J/J and pissing them off is not going to help this situation, just screw it up for the one that stays!
  16. When you think about it, he is probably much more likely to stay than Rachel this week. Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Adam would all probably vote Rachel out if they are both on the block and that is all the votes it would take. I see this most likely being Rachel's last week.
  17. It was a mistake last time but would be an even bigger mistake this time to take her off the block. He is a better solo player and most people in the house seem to like him better than Rachel so he has a better chance of winning in the end. Also, she would be in the jury house so he wouldn't have to worry about her not having anywhere to go.
  18. I think they should have America vote Brendon back again next week just to make Daniele's head explode.
  19. Thursday, August 11, 7:02 pm, All Feeds (3 hours)- The feed came back on immediately after the live show and it's hard to decide whether I enjoyed the reuniting of Brenchel or Daniele/Kalia's reaction to the whole thing more. Either way, this was a great 3 hours of live feeds. Highlights include Dani staring daggers into Adam as he makes dinner and then suddenly yelling at him for picking their side, a secret chat between Adam and Shelly about needing to split up Brenchel again, Rachel dancing around the house like a giddy schoolgirl and interesting conversation about the events of the week. If you're a Brenchel fan, enjoy this evening while it lasts because things take a horrible turn for the worst just hours later...
  20. Farewell again Brendon. I'm glad we could all enjoy a couple hours of happiness before Dani sucked all of the joy out of the house again.
  21. The deck is now stacked so overwhelmingly against Dani that if she actually won they ought to double her winnings to a million.
  22. I just hope Dani doesn't win and Brendon's right back out the door again. If B/R is on the block again and he wins veto I sincerely hope he takes himself off this time. He is a much better solo player.
  23. Rachel is the happiest girl in the world tonight. Good for her!

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