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  1. My favorite HGs just for their entertainment value: Britney Haynes- I thought she was the funniest character in BB history! Dan Gheesling- I don't think he's the greatest player ever but he is great while also being very flashy and entertaining, which is rare. Danielle Reyes- Like everyone says, she was probably the best female player of all time and got screwed Danielle Donato- Her season 13 character was my favorite villain in BB history. Had so much fun rooting for her downfall! Dick Donato- One of a kind character never afraid to speak his mind! Enzo Palumbo- It was like this guy was straight out of a bad mafia movie. I found his accent and humor hilarious! Frank Eudy- It was fun watching him survive week after week with the whole house gunning for him and I found his smooth talking ways kind of entertaining. Jeff Shroeder- His funny sense of humor, charisma and fiery temper made him fun to watch Nicole Franzel- So cute, quirky, and likeable! Rachel Reilly- Her crazy emotional rollercoaster ways came to be endearing to me after 2 seasons and I started to root hard for her by the end of season 13. Shelly Moore- Her ability to play every side in the house was amazing and fun to watch!
  2. 1.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the eviction show.... Becky will give us a classic scowl when Van stays. 2. Which nominee staying would help or hurt your favorite BB17 HG's the most Shelli or Vanessa? I'm team Goblins over Austwins and I like JMack but dislike Becky and Steve so go Van! And Van is a way more interesting game player then Shelli so she needs to stay. 3.Who do you hope will be second person evicted Thursday in double eviction ? \ Becky-- she gets more annoying to me every week. Van for HOH!
  3. Listening to Meg and James just now trashing Becky and coming up with every reason they can think of to justify betraying her. Stuff like "Who does Becky think she is trying to keep Shelli in to take us out while she stays safe!" "Shelli and her are best friends and they have been working together this whole time!" and "Becky is trying to run our game this week!" BB is so interesting the way close friends will turn on each other in an instant and sell each other out, even if that means fabricating all kinds of crazy ideas and stories about each other when there is a bunch of money at stake and they see an opportunity to get closer to it. It really is an evil game. Right now they seem pretty set on keeping Van. I'm guessing it won't take much at all to get Austwins and Steve on board.
  4. Yet another reason why being HOH sucks. The house never wants to evict your target because they can just leave them in the house to come gunning back after you while they spend another week in bed. Why would you ever want to win HOH in this game? Anyways, for the sake of my feeds I hope Van stays. We can't afford to lose the constant drama she brings.
  5. They already flipped last night. They want Shelli out now, not that it couldn't change again today. Van didn't even need to do anything. They used their own common sense and realized how stupid it is to keep someone in the game obviously gunning for them right before a double eviction as opposed to Van, who would be gunning for Becky and JMac.
  6. Well James, Jackie and Meg got together and said "Uh... wait a minute... Shelli hates us and likes Beckie. Van likes us and hates Beckie. I just thought of a BRILLIANT IDEA!"
  7. Well that took all of a few hours for Becky’s new friends to decide to keep Vanessa instead and hang Becky out to dry. What a cold cruel game. I love it!
  8. If they are both on the block Clay could only take one of them off so either way one of them is going if they can't get the votes.
  9. I guess Shelli didn't consider that making a deal with someone right after betraying them wasn't the best plan.
  10. It's gonna be a crazy week! The fact that Shelli threw the comp for a deal and that James is going to try to split Shlay up before jury is going to make it even more dramatic! Better cook up a weekend's worth of popcorn and get comfy...
  11. I just read that James promised everyone safety for the week except John because he fell asleep early. Is that true? Way to go James!
  12. Fortunately, Becky wasn't left paralyzed after getting hit by that train. Unfortunately, it seems her personality was... BA DUM DUM DUM DUM!!!
  13. Jason has been one of my faves this season simply cause I think he's the funniest person in there so he is my comic relief on the feeds. Jmac has been funny but is much funnier in the DR sessions than on the feeds. When Jason has been in good spirits, he's been hysterical. Like when he first figured out the twins twist he had me and the whole house rolling. My favorite moment of his was when he reenacted everyone's picture from the memory wall. Unfortunately, since he found out he's going home, he's been like a sad clown and hasn't been nearly as fun to watch. He's been pretty weak strategically the whole game but I'll be laughing a lot less with him gone.
  14. I thought Jackie was the biggest waste of space in the house the first couple weeks but I'm glad to see the fiery temper starting to come out. Now she seems like the only person in the minority willing to call out people on their crap! Don't get me wrong, she is a horrible game player and doesn't have a shot in hell at winning but for the last few seasons the house has been made up of a select few game players and then a bunch of useless minnows that are actually much worse than floaters. They just sit around getting picked off, too scared to win a comp, too scared to talk game with anyone, just waiting to rollover and die when their number is called. I want people to get pissed off and start calling people out when they get stabbed in the back. Not because it is good game play but because the feeds need it! BB doesn't cast nearly enough hotheads like Amanda and Willie and Jeremy and Russell and Evil Dick, etc. One or two per season is not enough. Now that Audrey is gone, Jackie is the closest thing we have to someone that will stir up drama and she'll likely be gone soon too...
  15. This might be the first mega mistake they have made. How in the world did they think they weren't going to get caught?
  16. Vanessa talking about how Shlay BETTER NOT tell everyone they didn't know Jason was going up as they are saying just that to everyone. LOL. That is pretty damn selfish of them. I would be livid if I was V. Possible crack forming in the alliance already?
  17. 12:58 PM Jason telling BY crew he's happy they made it this far & that's something to be grateful for so let them have some fun. He asks BBwine tonight! -jaguar3 12:56 PM Jason is outside with HGs minus Vanessa & James (who is talking in HOH). Jason is telling them he is not a master strategist sohe knows he is not getting out of this one so they should not be sad. Clay/Shelli/Meg all quiet listening. He is telling them he will be rooting for them from the outside (Meg is crying the whole time). -jaguar3 12:44 PM BY crew blaming Audrey for Jason being the target -Indictum Jesus, is Vanessa just that good? How are they not all up in the HOH biting her face off right now?
  18. How come you left off so many people? I agree with your rankings except I would switch Jackie and James. I would also add John to the top (he's playing an excellent floater game), Beckie in the middle and Lizia in the bottom. Shlay is possibly the best showmance to ever play. They both have an excellent social game, work extremely well together and are doing an amazing job of keeping bigger targets in front of them, which is an almost impossible task for an obvious showmance.
  19. The Brigade was the best group (more than two) alliance ever executed by far and 6th sense doesn't even compare. They don't have anywhere near as strong of relationships with the other side of the house as the Brigade was able to build. Also, the Brigade was masterfully disguised and no one had a clue any of the members were together. It is extremely obvious that Clay and Shelli and Austin and Lizia and Vanessa and Shelli, etc. are pairs that need to be broken up. There is no comparison here.
  20. Sucks that he is going home! He is by far the funniest person in the house and one of the only people I can stand listening to outside of game talk. Some serious entertainment value is being lost here.
  21. I actually feel kind of bad for Vanessa. I do think she's a much better than average player and a lot of her misfortunes can be blamed on her alliance. She's surrounded by incompetence and it's causing her to bathe in blood every time she is HOH. She's got this doofus Austin who makes really stupid mistakes and then lies to her about them, she's got a couple of pretty useless twins that did an absolutely horrible job of hiding their secret, she has Shlay who are playing every side making alliances like crazy and pushing her do all their dirty work by betraying alliances and she has Steve who is a complete social pariah. She even had someone out there trying to throw BotB so she didn't have to stay HOH and even that got F'ed up. Yeah she's overly emotional and flaps her mouth like crazy but I think she does have a very good strategic mind for this game and could do much better with different allies.
  22. The feeds are cutting in and out now. I saw some brunette chick I don't recognize! She must be one of those Amazing Race people that were rumored but I don't watch AR. I've never heard that one before. I wonder who you could be referring to?
  23. I think they are gonna come back! There is a scrolling message that says "It's happening sooner than you think, feeders, don't move an inch!" Everyone with live feeds should log in. Maybe one of the twists is early feeds?
  24. They just went off again. Nothing exciting was going on but they were on for a few minutes. Showed mostly Shelli lounging and small talk with Meg and Clay taking a shower and then blow drying his hair on the other camera.

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