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  1. Is this crumb cake for real? Why is anyone even listening to him. Where's that throw-up smiley?
  2. I thought they were going to throw up on that awful spinning teacup ride. I was concerned the ride provided only one vomit bag per teacup. Thought everyone was going to toss their cookies though, honestly. I heaved after riding a Ferris wheel once.
  3. Wouldn't mind at all if these two won. And oh boy what rockin' bodies at sixty-something!
  4. Now, that was fun to watch. Loved this episode. Had to watch it at 1:37 AM due to basketball hogging the channel but it was worth it.
  5. Who do you respect most from the house? ... and respect the least? What most surprised you about yourself during the season?
  6. "Pet peeve about your teammate: My dad gets stuck in his ways and will not hear reason." Yep, saw some of that tonight. Dad reminds me of a stubborn but careless kid sometimes and Zac seems more thoughtful, may be just the editing.
  7. Darn it, I liked them. Love how they got all excited about cleaning elephant ... dung. Thought they were positive and fun, sorry to see them go.
  8. Even Dragonslayers can whine and wimp out once in a while, sigh...
  9. Have to say it was kind of fun to see this. Good luck to him.
  10. Coach. He's just doing it for me. I like "Benjamin" even better...
  11. Coach is my weakness

  12. Forget the age, I wouldn't want a partner who's a "Procrastinator, tidy and worrisome".
  13. I like them already. But uh oh, "I'm gluten-free..." Hope that doesn't cause speed bumps.
  14. I was rooting for them within seconds. They seem so energetic without being uptight and ready to kill each other. Hope they'll be around for the long run.

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