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  1. 9:42AM BBT WED Jackson and Holly are in the KT prepping breakfast. The dirty dishes are over flowing the sink. Jackson says he is disgusted with themselves. Holly agrees. Both say they aren't gong to bother washing anything. 9:47AM BBT WED Nicole and Jackson are dancing. Holly goes off to talk to the cams. Jackson drinks from a carton in the fridge. He the runs off to find Holly. 9:51AM BBT WED Holly is doing shout outs to family and friends. She says she hopes she made everyone proud and that she played with morals. She does a shout out to her best friend who shares her wit and sarcasm. 9:55AM WED Nicole and Jackson goofing around in the KT. Jackson sounds like he is mocking Christie. They then say they are not making fun of anyone. Holly is still doing shout outs in the BR. 9:59AM BBT WED Holly is still going on an on about this is the best thing she has ever done. Jackson is cooking an entire carton of egg whites. Nicole just chatting with Jackson. 10:01AM BBT WE get no actual good bye from the HG. Just Jackson cooking and poof - feeds are done. Thank you for joining us for BB21.
  2. 12:00AM -3:45AM BBT WED The three HG chat. No more game talk. Nicole goes to the KT and has some Sprite and looks at the memory wall. Jackson and Holly quietly chat. Finally all HG are in bed and lights are out. 9:05AM BBT WED We have FOTH. Wake up time. 9:17AM BBT WED Feeds are back. Lights are on and all HG still in bed. Jackson says he needs to get up. Holly talks about the random songs they just played. 9:29AM BBT WED Jackson is up. Changes his batteries and uses the WC.He grabs a blanket and goes to lay down in the RV room. They all joke about something may be going on today. We get FOTH. :34AM BBT WED While on FOTH, HG were told no more feeds. We get Nicole and Jackson talking about how exciting. We heard a voice over from production telling the HG there will be a LD and we get FOTH again. 9:36AM BBT WED Holly in the KT talking to the cams. Says the feeds will go off in 30 min. She says she has a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it. Jackson and Nicole in the RV dancing around to the beat of their clapping hands. 9:39AM BBT WED Nicole talking to the cams in the RV BR. She says that 99 days ago she came into the house as a girl. She says she has no regrets. She says no matter what place she finishes she feels it was an honor to play and looks forward to watching the show in the future.
  3. 1:30PM BBT HG are still sleeping. You can hear production walking around in the "walls". 1:53PM BBT TUES All HG still sleeping.
  4. 12:12PM BBT All HG still snoozing away. 12:38PM BBT Jackson still snoring,. Holly and Nicole sleeping. 1:01PM BBT HG still sleeping
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