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  1. BB 15.....WOO-HOO!!!!

  2. I also thought we would be seeing something on the LIVE FEEDS as of the 11th....well, that's today?? Anyone know if that's going to happen, or maybe it's later tonight?....I am on EST. Just thought there would be something.....can't wait to try them out.....LOL!! sorry about all the Canadians also.....however we here in the US had to watch BBCanada shows on You Tube, so I guess that's where you guys can watch BB15 US?? It still blows!!!
  3. ......and this is why I am getting the LIVE FEEDS for the first time!! It WILL be censored on TVGC...I don't care what they say!!
  4. Got the live feeds through Morty's & for the first time!!! Cannot wait!!
  5. LOL @ Jersey!! You are probably right about that!!!
  6. Okay, there is yet another injury on Survivor.....SHOCKER!! LoL Well, I am just hoping so bad it's not Malcolm. Please let it be either, Brandon, Phillip or Shamar. If anyone knows, PLEASE tell me, I LOVE SPOILERS!! Thanx!!
  7. So excited about BB14!! =)

  8. I agree they are 'switching things up' & it looks like all new people too! That is great, but I think having it on Wednesday nights, along with IDOL is a HUGE mistake!!! I have a DVR, but everyone doesn't, so they will lose viewers, as IDOL is still number one. Sure hope we have spoilers, no matter who gets them......LOL!! Let the lying & backstabbing begin......
  9. Well, Brenchel sold out J&J, so now I am so over them both...they are just not nice people PERIOD!!!

  10. I totally agree with you BigBroFan!!! Love the twists & cannot wait to see it play out. Looks like it will be Cassie & now, very possibly Lawon...who would have thought that??....LOL!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!
  11. I'm just looking forward to seeing what it 'really' is!! I think, I would vote Dom back in because at least he would be a good competitor....just have to see who wins HOH tonight & go from there. No way would I EVER wote Keith or Brendon back in.....eeeeeekkkkk!!! LOL!! Sounds like if it's for real, it will be a good twist!
  12. Love "THE TALK" & JULIE CHEN!! Would be neat to see them spend the night in the House....lol Can't wait for BB13...WOO-HOO!!
  13. Hello!! I am so excited to be here! I am not a lurker....didn't know about this site until this year??? However, I have been completely hooked on BB since the very 1st season! Yes, watched them all! But, I don't get the live feeds. I don't think I would get a thing done if I had them....lol I do, however, have Showtime & DVR After Dark & watch it the next day, every day! And, of course watch the 3 nights on CBS. So with this & everything here on Morty's & the Chat-room, how can I miss anything?!! So, I'm sooooooooo ready for my "Summer Obsession" again & meeting lots & lots of new friends!! Love the site!! P.S. Anyone know where to get a good BB RINGTONE???
  14. Hello ya'll in Morty Land!! I am so very happy to have found this AWESOME site & am looking forward to chatting & making lots of new friends!! I have watched every season of BB...could say it has become my "summer obsession"....LOL!!

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