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  1. Ian back tracking with Frank already? Damn. I wonder if he's still trying to play the double agent or is really turning (after sending home 2 of what would be his own). Maybe he's better at this than I thought.
  2. Joe's speech was the best! I was cracking up!
  3. D/D/S/B won't stick together that long. They will turn on each other well before the final 4.
  4. Frank thinks Dan doesn't respect the game b/c he's trying to get Frank out? Oh okay, Frank. /sigh
  5. What I can't believe is that Ian hasn't thought about the fact that Froogie turned their back on him when they formed the Silent Six. He was never worried about that b/c he had the Quack Pack and knew Froogie were getting played ... yet he still feels so bad about screwing someone who screwed him first.
  6. What he really wants is to not piss anyone off.
  7. Ian's losing it. Walking in circles in the Have Not room while crying.
  8. Exactly. It's dangerous but the upside of backdooring Frank is probably worth the risk of losing Joe... Now if D/D/B flip on Shane, the QP was dead anyway.
  9. Agreed. QP + Joe will have the numbers and Jenn would be a wild card too. He should stop being such a weenie.
  10. I sure wish Frank had gone home then ... we would have had at least another week of Kara laying out! Wowzers!
  11. I really hope Frank doesn't win HOH. I liked him at first but he's been a total a hole this week and really hate his massive ego. I'm indifferent when it comes to Dan and won't care when he goes, I just don't want to watch Frank gloat in the DR if he's the one who makes it happen.
  12. Tonight will be the night for Ian. I feel like the first HOH in a double eviction is always a quiz, which Ian should win. His nominations will be huge. While the QP obviously wants Frank and Ash so at least one goes home but Ian is best served by nominating Joe because he isn't on Frank's team and he isn't in the QP. The second nomination will be tough. Shane makes sense from a POV standpoint because it will likely be a race (ala clown shoe) that Shane would do well in. However, they risk Frank, Ash or Jenn winning POV and keeping noms the same and Ian would be exposed if he broke the tie to keep Shane and evict Joe. In the end, he has to hope he gets the chance to throw the HOH to Dan, Brit or Dani so he can continue to avoid getting blood on his hands.
  13. Is the QP's plan if Ian win's HOH really to put up Shane as a pawn? Yeah, that only seems slightly dangerous. And Shane volunteered for that? Wow, he really doesn't know how to play this game.
  14. Agred. I know why Production wants to keep Boogie in the house. Jenn is a non factor and Boogie staying will cause huge drama. But Frank and Boogie have been total a$$holes this week and are being made to look like good guys? It's a joke and they are trying to manipulate America for when they manipulate the game to somehow keep Boogs.
  15. It's really not fair for Brit, Dan and Boogie to even be in the house. Shane and others never even got to learn how to play the game. BB probably should have made him watch some more seasons in sequester but he never had to learn how to talk game b/c Brit did it for him ... or he won comps and got himself out of harms way. I think the coaches are the reason you have players like Shane, Jenn and Ashley who are just terrible at strategy and talking game b/c they never had to do it for themselves.
  16. He thinks he's being so respectful with his approach to Jenn but telling someone "you're a grown woman" is just his way of saying "I think you're being stupid, immature, etc"
  17. So what's going on? Why all this excitement that someone from QP might flip?
  18. I don't see how you can classify Ian as a floater. Before the reset? Sure. Since then, he played a huge role in the QP. He helped Boogie convince Frank to not backdoor Dan and has bringing info up to the HOH all week.
  19. Ian's problem is he thinks more about his legacy than actually winning. He wanted to get in a named alliance. He wants to make a big move by back stabbing Boogie. He wants to get a reputation for being evil. The problem is, he just isn't evil. Everyone in the house laughs at him whenever he talks about it. He is a young kid with a big heart. Like us, the QP is mad about his big talk recently because he is over acting. I don't blame Ian for trying to keep his place in the QP secret. It really does have a huge impact on the game, especially this week. It's best for his game and for the QP to keep it secret because he will continue to have influence over Frank. I also don't think he was being selfish when he wanted to blame his vote on Joe ... it would have been the best game move. However, I don't like this talk about giving Boogie a sympathy vote. Nothing is certain in this game and it could backfire on the QP who would then rat him out to the house. At this point, Ian would be wise to just vote Boogie out and blame it on voting with the house.
  20. Frank has everything you need to be a great BB player but his refusal to seperate himself from Boogie just cost him big. He can still win a bunch of comps to keep himself in the game but he should have spent this week trying to build a relationship with a subdivision of S/B/D/D but instead he just went on the offensive and blew any chance of that happening.
  21. Ian is getting caught up in the classic double agent conundrum ... he's emotionally attached to the side he is going to back stab. At this point though, since Joe has given Frank his answer and Ashley has been called out, Ian has the perfect excuse to just vote Boogie out and make it a 6 to 1 vote.
  22. I hate how the producers impact the game. Ian was just telling Britney that the "wizards" always make him feel horible about what he is going to do to Boogie/Frank. He quoted, "they say things like, are you really going to do this to someone you've looked up to since you were 10" ...
  23. Everything over the past few hours points to Joe voting Boogie out.
  24. Too soon to tell. I lean toward him playing along with B/F last night because he didn't give them a straight answer ... but who knows.
  25. It will be interesting to see where Joe goes. I think he will stick with Shane, etc because he has so much hate for Ian right now. Ian will have a tough decision to make if he turns out to be the swing vote! He will piss off half the house regardless of which side he chooses.

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