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  1. I think he just cost himself any shot he had at winning. Shane and Frank are going to be BITTER. He screwed Jenn too. Ash will follow Frank. Joe and Dan were never close. He's screwed. He played a great game to get here and he has great shot at final 2 but I don't see any way he wins.
  2. Feel bad for the dud. He was loyal to the end. Loved the crowd's reaction to him calling Dan dirty.
  3. I'm starting to think that AG/Production put this idea in Dani and Shane's heads. Honestly, neither of them thinks about the game enough go think its a good idea to make Dan get blood on his hands. After the realised their golden boy, Ian, was going to be voted out, they began misting the DR. Dani knows she will get her dream final 3 if Shane is voting. She obviously has doubts about Dan because she keeps making him swear he will keep Shane ... If she's so worried about Shane's safety, why not keep him safe? I get that Dan is unbelievably manipulative but this has AG written all over it. Especially when she's tweeting that there will be a blindside tonight.
  4. But how did Dan carry her? They don't see DRs. All they will see is that he put her up vs Joe and then she won HOH and POV this week.
  5. I think he knows that Shane will send him home and Dan hasn't told him that Dani will save him because he doesn't want Ian to think he also has a final 2 with Dani.
  6. Has anyone confirmed that Dani knows Shane is going home if she uses the POV on Dan? If she does, Dan's mist is even stronger than I thought. If the final 3 is D/D/S, she is guaranteed at least $50k. Why on earth would you pass that up to save someone (Ian) who will probably won't take you and would provably win in the final 2 vs anyone.
  7. Dan is in a tough spot if Dani saves him and gives him the vote. If he votes out Ian, he risks Shane winning the last HOH and taking Dani or Dani winning the last HOH and deciding she'd rather take Shane. He will also piss off Ian and could lose his vote. On the other hand, he would be voting out the biggest threat to win. If he votes out Shane, he will be blind siding Dani again and risks losing her. She's so emotional that she could easily decide enough is enough and take Ian if she wins the final HOH. He is also putting a lot of faith in Ian to keep their final 2 deal. It's one thing for Ian to SAY he wants to beat Dan in the end but it's another thing to actually do it with $500,000 staring you in the face. He would also be keeping Ian in the game, who he probably won't beat in the final 2. The upside would be that he is removing the person who is least likely to take him to the final 2. And after going through all this, Dani/Shane's plan to use it so he gets blood on his hands is actually smart when you consider they have no idea that Dan might vote Shane out. Dan might be best served if Dani DOESN'T save him because he won't piss anyone off and he will still have a very good chance to go to the final 2. The only problem with your thought process is that he wanted to get Ian out before he wanted to get Shane out. He put up Ian first, remember? If Ian hadn't won that POV, Dan would have convinced Jenn and Dani to send him home instead of Joe. Dani didn't veto Shane going home until after Ian won POV.
  8. Considering Dani knows that Dan wanted to backdoor Shane last week, I think she will keep the power in Shane's hands. Best for her chances if both Shane and Dan make it to the final 3.
  9. Can't believe she won POV too! Helping her case to win the whole thing!
  10. Great post! I agree that this season has been fantastic. I have my qualms but the end result has been fantastic. The final 4 are all competitive and each has a real argument to win. I also agree that next season should be all new players that know the game. If veterans are brought back, it shouldn't be "All Star" caliber people ... instead, bringing back people who were voted out early like Keith, Cassi, Dominic, and Kara. It would be a nice twist to get people to tune in early but they wouldn't immediately be viewed as threats like the All Stars are and their presence wouldn't define the vast majority of the season. If you were to bring back All Star vets again, I thought the coaches idea was a good one. However, I would change the team aspect. It might work to give all the house guests a week or two in the house on their own and let alliances form then unleash the coaches onto the house. Then let the coaches draft immediately without any knowledge of who is in an alliance with who. That way, players are more likely to play their own game rather than have the game be dictated by the coaches. Another spin to the coaches concept would be to play it similarly to how it went this year but when a coaches player is evicted, their other players cannot be nominated the following week. That way, the coaches stay in the game longer because Brit and Dan were both on their way out the door very early and were only saved by the reset. Another change would be to make the type of comps less predictable. It's almost comical how often the house guests are correct when they speculate about what the HOH comps will be (quiz, physical, endurance, etc)!
  11. Best case scenario! If he wins POV, I hope he and Ian make a final 2 deal with Ian.
  12. Dan lovers on here are going to hate you but I agree... I just don't see it happening because Shane and Ian are both honest and loyal and Shane has a final 3 with D/D and Ian has his Renegades final 2 with Dan.
  13. I agree. It might actually be in Dan's best interest to throw the POV so he doesn't have to get any blood on his hands.
  14. Miss Cleo BB14 ‏@MissCleoBB14 HOH comp came down to tiebreaker between Dan & Danielle; Dan guessed over, so Danielle won though she was WAY off #BB14 Assuming this is true, Dani might have just punched her ticket to the final 2. Shane and Dan will obviously take her. Ian is a wild card. Considering how much he thinks about "making big brother history," he might want to take Dan to the final 2 so he can say he beat one of (if not the) best BB player ever.
  15. Miss Cleo BB14 ‏@MissCleoBB14 HOH comp came down to tiebreaker between Dan & Danielle; Dan guessed over, so Danielle won though she was WAY off #BB14 If this is true, this is HUGE for Dan. I think both Shane and Ian will take Dan to the final 3 if they win POV -- both out of loyalty to their deals with Dan ... how ironic! Dan will still have to win the final HOH if he wants to sit next to Dani in the final 2 but with at least he doesn't have to worry about keeping both himself and Dani here this week!
  16. After thinking about it some more, the jury could see him as somewhat of a floater. He didn't win anything early and he let Shane and Dani and Ian do his dirty work until he won that POV to help send Frank home. He always kept a bigger target in front of him. Yes, the funeral was a huge move but do you really think the other HG will view that positively? And even when he won HOH, he sent home Joe! No one will put value in that. If he wants to win, he is going to have to win the next POV so he can send home either Shane or Ian AND he is going to have to win the final HOH. Otherwise, Shane's 2 HOHs and 4 POVs (at least) and Ian's 3 HOHs and 2 POVs will prove too much for him to compete with. Even Dani has an equal # of wins as Dan, she has played a better social game, and has survived the block 4 times! And none of the other 3 had a free pass though the first 4 weeks.
  17. I pretty much agree with your analysis, CeCi, except I don't see any way Frank votes for Dan. Maybe if it's Dan vs Dani but Frank will respect Shane's comp wins and Ian's mix of comps and strategy. As good a game as Dan has played, we only know it because we see all his private convos and DRs. All the other house guests know is that he made deals with everyone (literally he had final 4 deals with everyone in the jury but Ash and Joe) and he stabbed them all in the back.
  18. Chic-fil-a is the shiz. Chicken biscuit and hashbrowns for breakfast are amazing. Chicken sandwiches (regular and spicy) and nuggets are awesome. Sweet tea is pretty good too.
  19. I think this jury will be different because they haven't been out of the house as long as most juries. Sure, Brit and Ash will have had time to settle down by finale night but Frank and Joe will have only been out of the house for 13 days and Dani would be out just over a week. Dan also has the huge disadvantage of having won already and all the newbies in the jury will hold that (and the 3 weeks of immunity) against him for sure.
  20. Dan won't vote her out unless he knows with 100% certainty that Ian will send her home b/c it will expose him to her. And sending her home makes him look even worse to a jury that already has a negative opinion about his backstabbing ways. Yes, Jenn is the easiest to beat in the final 2 but getting her there with him is a lot harder than getting Dani there.

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