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  1. On 7/2/2018 at 6:20 PM, WOC said:

    Maybe it's just me, but she reminds me of Nicole Ritche. 

    NO, you are not alone.  That is the first thing I thought of when I first saw her.   She looks like she could be Nicole's sister. And frankly she could really be her sister.  Because, as you know, Nicole was adopted by Lionel and his wife.

  2. Quote
    1 hour ago, abdala said:

    Marty thanks so much. 


        Yes, if that is what happened could see how it possibly would disrupt things.  But a real BB player should realize that many things can be yelled over during these games but seldom if ever are true. Still no excuse for Nat's cruel treatment of James.  She seems to be a vindictive little b----.


       Can't believe James is once again defending Nat saying she really is a sweet girl.  But that is how James is, always being the defender and gentleman.  But once this is over hopefully he will see what she is really like.  When Nat exited and talked to Julie it seemed to me Nat was high and certainly enjoying being center of attention.  Quite irritating really.  And I was hoping there would be very little applause.  The fact that she had spirited applause surprised me.


       Thanks again Marty ! 



    I wonder if sometimes the audience applause is not so much for how much they like the evicted house guest, but how happy they are that they had been evicted.  I heard that the audience were told they could not "boo" houseguests anymore.


  3. After watching Big Brother from its inception, I have noticed many houseguests faced with certain eviction go through the identical stages of someone who has lost a loved one.  First they are in denial, unable to believe that the other houseguests actually intend to vote them out .  Then when assured that they are indeed going home or to the jury house, they display anger and wail about their betrayal and the fact that they don't "deserve" to leave the game. Some go so far as to curse out or call out everyone who should have "had their back" including their so called alliance members. Then they try to "blow up" everyone's game or even try to fight others who they felt opposed them.  Once cooled down, they begin to bargain and begin their campaigning. When convinced that their campaigning will not be successful, they enter a depression. They muse about quitting or leaving the game early and self-evicting. They do a lot of crying and moaning in the jury room.  Finally, they come to accept the decision of the "house" and come to understand where they failed in their game play and their bid to win Big Brother.


    Now  folks, I am talking about houseguests who were given the courtesy of being told they do not have the votes to stay, not the ones  who are "blindsided" on eviction day. I have always thought the blindside was pretty cruel and cowardly. 

  4. Was this season of Big Brother touted as the Season of Secrets?  Seems like half of the newbies were hiding secrets.  Paulie, hiding his relationship to Cody. Tiffany, hiding her relationship to Vanessa.  Bronte, hiding her prowess as a mathematician. Natalie, hiding her NFL cheerleader status.  Corey, hiding his blatant homophobia or homosexuality depending on which blog or article that you choose to believe.


    Michelle, hiding her relationship to Dan Gheesling was not necessary, IMO.  She already admitted to being a superfan. But her emotional  gameplay did not make her much of a threat, maybe more of an annoyance, LOL. However, revealing this information would have made very interesting conversation when it got boring in the house. 

  5. Quote
    8 hours ago, joystiick said:

    Exactly Marty. It is like racing in the Daytona 500. One guy keeps making mistakes and wrecking his car. But, every time he wrecks his car, they let him get a brand new car and restart, he's placed right beside all the other racers and given and equal chance to win, as if, he never screwed up and wrecked.  

    But Victor was placed besides others who also "wrecked their cars" and had to beat them first  and "pre-qualify" before re-entering the race.  As long as he is playing by the rules, how can we even think about judging him negatively?  I think he has done an outstanding job following the rules for re-entry and if he makes it to F2, he will have earned my vote.


  6. It doesn't seem fair that Frank was the only one not given a chance to come back in the game.  They could have changed the Battle Back competition to allow the first 6 players and the Jury Buy-Back to the first 6 jurors to compete.  That way all of the players could have had an equal opportunity to come back into the game.  It was very unfair to Frank that he was excluded.  If I were Frank, I would protest that decision in some way!


    Even though I personally do not like him as a person, I think he is a chauvinistic, misogynistic cocky SOB,  but Vic has shown he deserves to win this game. He has all the qualities of a Big Brother winner. He is an outstanding physical and mental competitor.  He is finally getting his social game together and quickly learning the nuances of the game from Paul. If he makes final two, he deserves the win!



  7. I knew the girl jurors would drop off quickly.  They were not motivated to endure the hardships of that challenge. Even if one of them won, they knew that they could never win the game. After being in the jury house living in total serenity and comfort, could you blame them for not wanting to come back into the game to risk being Have-Nots or deal with all the fighting, the negativity and the paranoia?   That is if they were not immediately evicted again, LOL. 

  8. Yeah, Paulie is despicable for talking about and threatening to put Z up for eviction, all the while accepting her hugs and cuddles and kisses?  She even said that she was gonna shower with Paulie.  If he allows that and then actually nominate her or backdoor her, he will win the prize for the most obnoxious user in BB history, IMO.

  9. Quote

    Hmm... how old was Evil Dick ?

    (He looked 50ish)

    But he's the only one I can think of.



    Evil Dick is 53 now.  But Jack Owens Jr from BB4 was 58 and made it to Final 6 and Jerry MacDonald from BB10 was 75 and made it to Final 3.  They were exceptions to the rule, though.

  10. I hate that they use those questions at that point in the game. I would not have a problem if they used comments that players made during conversations in the game. However, asking the questions after the player leaves the game, lessens the chance that the player will give an authentic answer. In the case of Jmac, I would have guessed he would say that the best part of the summer was not having to drill people's teeth. However, I would never have guess that he would say that the best part was not having to drill peoples "nasty" teeth. He's a practicing dentist. Under normal circumstances, in which he knows a large number of his patients are watching, I don't think he would ever use the descriptor "nasty" to describe his patients teeth. 

    I have to agree!  But when you consider the alternative, it still makes more sense.  Not to beat a dead horse, but I would really like to know if anyone on the feeds or BBAD ever heard JMac say anything about trying to build up his body or to get ripped?  I know that he occasionally exercised with Austin, but I do not recall him going around the house flexing his muscles, going shirtless, bragging about a six-pack or trying to get one.


    Remember the answer was "getting ripped. LOOK AT ME !"   Why would Vanessa choose that answer over the obvious? 


  11. I don't know, and I hate to say it, but Vanessa may have thrown that comp anyway.  I think that she would never admit it though. That would make her seem totally stupid since she did not know Steve as well as she thought she did.  However, playing the percentages, she may reasoned that Steve taking her was her best option to win first place.  She probably thought that he wouldn't have the nerve to evict her, after all that she did for him and all the promises that they made to each other.  But, it just seems really strange to me that Vanessa would have thought that JMac would have said that the best thing about being in the house was getting ripped instead of not having to drill people's teeth.  Especially when JMac did not brag about his physique or seemed particularly proud of his body this summer.  I  heard him say several times about how skinny he was and how much he was enjoying his vacation from dental work. Was anyone else aware of JMac stating that he was trying to get ripped?  Maybe Vanessa couldn't stand the thought of coming in second and adopted the position that it was either all or nothing.  After the way it turned out, she would never admit it.  


    And it goes without saying, I could be entirely wrong.  :dontgetit:

  12. I think her big reveal would have gone over better is she didn't add the part about four and half million dollars...twice. I imagine the players who work for less than 10 dollars per hour, live in their moms basement, etc felt like she was rubbing their face in it with the 4 1/2 mil comments. 

    I think she added the part about her financial status so that they would know that the money was not that important to her.  So no need to feel sorry for her!


    I was really bummed Vanessa wasn't able to pull out the win. I really respect a player that can manipulate the house to the extent she did, whatever her more grating qualities might be. She was a hell of a puppet master and I think she is the greatest female player of all time, with the possible exception of Danielle Reyes. Like Jason said, she definitely didn't own her game in the diary room and that is too bad because she could have gained a lot of respect from the BB community if she'd been more open about her game play in there and made it more fun for us to watch her but it doesn't take away from her strategic accomplishments. I think Derrick had the same problem in the diary room but I consider him the best who ever played. I think they were both just trying very hard to protect their reputations (him with the law enforcement world and her with the poker and LGBT communities) which led them to be overly cautious about admitting to playing dirty and they just didn't trust people to understand it's only a game.

    I agree that she and Danielle Reyes were the best females ever to play.  But remember, Danielle lost because of her diary comments, maybe that might have kept Vanessa from fully owning her game.  I respected Danielle's game because none of the HG's, except Jason, knew about her manipulations until the very end.  But I respect Vanessa's game more because she was able to force the HG's to tell her of their secret alliances and consult with her before nominations and controlled practically everyone's HOH for a good portion of the game. And while most were aware of her manipulations, no one except Becky was smart enough to even try stop her and she was still in an alliance with everyone in the house at one point.


    I'm doing a happy dance today.  For all her lies and manipulations, she got zilch.  Hahahaha  So happy she did not make it to final two.  For that Steve deserved to win.

    She didn't win the game, but she got media exposure and possibly a CBS television show called Poker Face. Because Steve had the guts to evict her, I agree, that he definitely deserved to win. 



    Yep, I agree. Vanessa certainly played a hard core game and absolutely deserves to be on the next all stars game if there is ever one. On the other hand I was sooooooo happy when Steve evicted her. I don't feel sorry for her as she has plenty of money...

    I agree, as well. She absolutely deserves to be in the next all stars game and I refuse to feel sorry for a multi-millionairess.  

  13. No disrespect to Steve, well maybe a little disrespect, but I feel that he rode to the finals on Vanessa's coattail.  And frankly, if I were in the jury I would never vote for a nerdy, teddy bear hugging, socially inept geek to win my season of Big Brother.  Because what does that say about me and my self- respect that such a person was smart enough or strong enough to beat me at this game? What does that say about all my other housemates if such a person was the best of the bunch?   If I had any kind of pride at all, I would vote for a person who it could be argued was either a master manipulator or stronger and/or smarter than I am.    Now Steve evicting Vanessa would show that he outplayed/outmanipulated the master and Steve would then, and only then, earn my vote. 

  14. 1.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the finale show.... whoever gets evicted will  play the threat game like austin did on his way out


    2. Where would you rank this season or  winner whoever wins on an all-time list? rank vanessa if she wins second best female winner ....steve/liz not too high on my list....this season is better than last two but i still prefer before all-stars bb season 2-5 the best



    3.What season type would you want to see next year (all-stars 2 , newbies, vet/newbies, etc.....)? all-star to finally get it out of the way so we can move on






    Who would you rank as the top female winner?  Just curious   :)

  15. Well wingfan728, I was offended and I accept your apology. I understand why some folks feel strongly about Vanessa.  But as far as I am concerned, she is the only reason why I continued watching this season.  The other HG's, IMO, with few exceptions were just lambs being led to slaughter, LOL.  I think I witnessed masterful gameplay, yet I know my feelings are in the minority.  And at the end of the day, no matter who wins, not a one of us on this board will get a dime of his/her winnings or will our lives be affected, in any way, by the outcome.  It is just fun to express our opinions. I look forward to this every year. 


    I am assuming that there is no gambling on this board on the outcome of this game.  But, is there a bookie in Vegas taking bets on who will win Big Brother 17??????  

  16. If I were Vanessa and said "Steve, now that we have told Liz that we were taking each other to the Final 2, I would rather not be stressed out about the final HOH competition.  Just between me and you,  I am gonna throw Part 3 to you.  I know that you would not be a Grade A scumbag and change your mind and take Liz because you have already told her and me that you are taking me to the Final 2.  I will do this is to prove that I love you and trust you completely. This will also give you an added incentive to do the right thing and keep your word.  Because you know that your word is everything and you know how I feel about liars. I have never lied to you and never will. So how do you feel about this, Steve? "



    P.S.  Little does Steve knows that Vanessa has already gotten Liz to promise to vote for her if Steve takes Vanessa instead of Liz. She has already gotten Julia's promise to vote for her, too.  She could probably count on Shelli, Jackie, James and Meg to also vote for her.  If this works, she will not have to scumbag Steve by evicting him, nor would she have to evict Liz and lose the twin's votes. Do you think that her little scheme will work?

  17. 1.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the finale show....


    2. Where would you rank this season or  winner whoever wins on an all-time list?



    3.What season type would you want to see next year (all-stars 2 , newbies, vet/newbies, etc.....)?






    1- Vanessa will cry a bucket of tears if she gets evicted

    2- If Vanessa wins I would rank her as the best female player in BB history

    3- I would love to see a season of veterans who were in BB showmances- couple against couple like maybe:

    Shelli and Clay, Austin and Liz, Rachel and Brendon, Jeff and Jordan, Danielle and Dominick or Amanda and McCrae

  18. Vanessa and Steve are slated to tell Liz that they will take each other to F2 on Wednesday, no matter who wins. That settled, I can see Vanessa's head spinning.  If she takes Steve she will have the Austwins votes against her.  But, if Vanessa throws the final HOH to Steve, he would have to be the one to evict Liz.   Steve would then be responsible for both Liz and Julia being in jury and Vanessa will probably get their votes.  Now, instead of all three, Vanessa might lose only Austin's vote from that group.  Also she will probably lose JMac's and Becky's votes, but she should be able to get the votes of all the rest of the non-bitter jurors.   The only problem with this scenario is if Steve decides to take Liz and evicts Vanessa.  Is Vanessa's ego big enough to take that chance?  Somehow, I doubt it.  But it was an interesting thought, anyway.

  19. I agree. I think if he evicts Vanessa, he should be able to get the 4 votes needed to win. It has been so long since liz did anything in the game, I don't see any way she could get more than 2 votes. 

    I am sure you meant the 5 votes needed to win, since it will be a 9 person jury.  Well, there is the possibility that Jackie would vote against Steve, after all he put her on the block and got her evicted. Jackie may be a little bitter about that.  And I am not sure Vanessa will be woman enough to give Steve her vote after the epic blindside. Would any amount of explanation be sufficient to earn her vote after all the hard work she put in to bring him to F3?  But I would hope that Vanessa would vote for him anyway.  She should definitely be understanding, seeing how she would have probably blindsided him if she had the choice.  But all in all, I agree with you, joystiick, there is no way that I can see that Steve can't garner the votes he needs to win if he evicts Vanessa.  

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