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  1. Dear Rachel, WTF! How did you end up in here? This is an insult to me. Signed, The HOH room
  2. That's right. Hang back and stay a positive, upbeat, funny person. It takes the heat off you from the other HG. Remember Jordan was very likeable, too. She was also easy to put on the block because she wouldn't get upset about it, but no one had the heart to back door a sweet person like her.
  3. Yeah. I guess I mainly like the fact that he is his own person more than anyone else in that house, and he doesn't really seem to care what people think about him. (I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's 32, and most of the other HG are 25 or below?) He will make an excellent HOH unless the HG try to bombard him with all their ideas and get pissed if he doens't follow them. Enzo will do what Enzo wants.
  4. I love her. She's funny, cool, and easy-going around the other hg. If the house guests evict her, it will take a lot of positive light out of the BB house I forgot to add that she's not a strong player (imho), but she seems like a good friend to have on the show or in real life.
  5. I think the man is smart and very handsome. He is one of the strongest players in the house, and I would like to see him go to the end. I see how he keeps his emotions under wraps, and he seems to study everyone and play every scenario in his mind before collaborating with his alliance. The only thing I don't like about him was that he was behind back-dooring Annie who was my favorite hg. He seems very careful and smart, though as well as not conceited. People with those three characteristics are usually my favorites. Then again Annie was not too careful this past time, but she has a keen intelligence and foresight the other players don't seem to have. She was right: the other hg will be eating the fact that they evicted her instead of Rachel when they had the chance. But Enzo, stay in the game. You're pretty cool.
  6. Mark my words. Monet will win. I don't know how, but I have a feeling. Anyway the showmance thing is so retarded. It's so fake. All Brenden wants to do is bang her. him. shim? Watch out, Brenden! Dude might look like a ...
  7. Grazi! I also think that Annie would have made it a lot more interesting than say - keeping Britney, Kristen, or Brenden (Mr. Hotness) in the house. She's a more skillful player in my opinion.
  8. I was rooting for Annie during the eviction ceremony, but what is wrong with some of the people in the house this season? They're kind of possessed by stupidity for the moment. I mean, yes Annie is a strong player but so is Rachel. The only difference is Rachel's intelligence can't make it too her head because of too much fake volume below. It kind of gets stuck midpoint. Then she has to rely on other people's game-playing skills. But Annie was really genuinely intelligent and could have helped some people get closer to the top who deserved it while helping to sort out the ones who weren't worthy. Remember she only had to make it to five weeks.
  9. Well, now I understand why there are so many dumb guys out there who have the nerve to get pissed when they get with the wrong woman: they marry someone like Britney who has about the intelligence of a 12 year-old little girl. I'm sorry. She's a pretty girl, but she is obviously way over the top superficial and even made a comment about Annie's shoes and makeup on. national. tv. as a. 22. year. old. Ridiculous! She should go home.
  10. I'm sorry but the girl looks like either a porn star or a transvestite with big boobs. Look at her face. It's kind of mannish. No wonder she wears all that make up. Watch out Brenden! Also she claimed that she was going to play ditsy to try to make the other guests think that she was not as brilliant as she thinks she is. Honey, it's not an act. Get over yourself. You stated that you were willing to give Brenden your POV if you won it after only knowing him for like 8 days? Really? That's mentally retarded.

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