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  1. I'm upset! Candi doesn't have nobody! I thought she had Helen but Helen is a shady as the rest! Helen just told Andy that its her Amanda McRae Andy and Judd! Soon they will vote out spencer Howard and CANDICE! I don't know where Elissa fits in! She didn't include her on the final 5! So does this mean she is only using Elissa for MVP?

    I'm very disappointed. Doesn't Helen realize that Amanda would turn her over in a second? Helen needs to stay true to Elissa and Candice. They're the ones who would help her get to final two, three, or four. Amanda is super shady, in my opinion.

  2. Howard is sinking his own ship IMO. The flipped vote and then blame it on Jessie was a bad move for his game because know that it is out he cannot be trusted by the people in power right now. That is what is making Helen and Elissa question Howard and Spencer is their moves to intentionally lie to someone. If you are in an alliance with someone you have to be honest with those people which these two were not and I wonder if they are now. The whole speech last night from Howard to me smells like damage control to me and frankly I think it is too late. I like him but I think he is sinking his own ship in this game. But I agree with him that this week the biggest target is Jeremy or at least Aaryn.

    Yeah. What aggravated me the most is that Howie was obviously trying to think of what to say and how to say it. He and Spencer were standing there silently for the longest time. Then he finally starts talking, explaining himself and Spencer, and trying to hopefully bury the hatchet. To me, that would have been the biggest red flag. If you're being honest, why do you have to think of what to say and how to say it. You should be able to explain yourself with no problems.

    I do think that he regrets making an alliance with Germy and having to be around Aaryn and GM. So I know who he would RATHER be in an alliance with. I just don't trust everything he, Spencer, Amanda, or McCrae say.

  3. If Aaryn doesn't get voted out this week... she'll think she's All That and a Bag of Chips.

    Her arm will be sore from patting herself on the back for all HER strategizing that she'll think got her

    through this week.

    Should be interesting to see how she'll handle her Ups and Downs this week.

    She already thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. Just wait till she gets out of the BB house, though...

  4. I think that they use elissa and the mvp as an excuse. Andy was smart enough to pick up on that as a valid excuse and run with it and it works. Elissa hasn't misused the mvp, in my opinion. Nick needed to go at some point for that side and he went. Others will follow suit if they contain the mvp; hopefully. I think it is much ado about nothing and I don't think she will win mvp everytime. Elissa is pretty useless but a better useless for me than Jeremy or Aaryn or kaitlin. My fav at the moment is Candice. I would have slapped the chit out of GinaMarie if she got in my face the way she got in candice's. Candice didn't and that makes her stronger than that roomful of pap; in my opinion. Loved Tarzan to the rescue, too. Loved that.

    Meh, too!

  5. Helen is too trusting!!!! She told Elissa that she trusts McRae but nod Amanda! They are both the same! Now in the beginning she didn't want to use Howard as a pawn but she listen to McRae and let him persuade her and now she forgot her purpose to get out Jeremy! She just convince Elissa U can trust McRae! Geesh! With all that melt down Amanda was doing you would think the light bulb was going off!! No it wasn't! Ugg!


  6. Is it me, but with all this hysteria that Amanda is stirring up is kinda showing her hand! She thought she was going to manipulate Elissa!

    Yeah. To get all mad when Elissa goes against her suggestion is proof enough!

    From day one I have never liked this girl. I see her as the Evil Queen. My impression is that she has no heart and every nice gesture and every move she makes is not genuine. She may play a good game and deserve to win but that doesn't mean I have to like her.


    I'm starting to see your point.

    Amanda is now causing trouble before veto or luxury comp! She is throwing Helen under the bus! She just told Andy that aryan told her Helen said to protect Candice and Ellissa and not him! I hope she is digging herself a hole!!!!

    Really? She's going to use Aaryn's name to influence anyone in that house? Oh Amanda's getting desperate and pulling at straws then.

  7. Course you know who has been reported to have lost their jobs. Surely Aaryn's modeling agency didn't think she was going to do this on tv.

    I think that they manipulate them as much as they can during DR sessions. It's the perfect foil. Not only do I think that they manipulate them mightily but have them so sewed-up and fearful that you seldom/if ever hear a former HG speak of it.

    BB15 is my last BB but not because of manipulation. It has become enough of a good thing for me. It has been a lot of fun. Especially Morty's.

    No. Please do not leave, Slim. I remember you when I first got on Morty's board a few years back. :sad2:

  8. Never mind her and Elissa stuck to there guns and didn't put up Howard!! V AMANDA IS PISSED! :smilielol:

    Elissa was on to something! If he is the 3rd nomination and he is safe then why does it matter! EXACTLY!

    Ooh! I'm so happy she didn't put up Howard. I knew Amanda had an alterior motive. Who did they put up?

  9. A wasted HOH! They are getting ready to knock out one of there own!!! If Howard doesn't win veto he is going home and Jeremy and Aryan are saved! Thanks to Mcamanda scheming!!!! She accuse Howard of bullying her! When??

    I know! And I thought someone had said before how she had said that Howard was coming onto her everyday! My opinion of her keeps changing - much like the way she flip flops in the BB house.

  10. I think Amanda And McRae want to back door Howard! They see him as a threat! They said if Jeremy wins veto then they will get out Howard and Helen didn't like that idea!

    Can't they see that Germy is the real threat? The guy is nuts, and he's a pro in physical comps. If Howard is a threat, he can be dealt with later, in my opinion. I find it funny also how Howard and Amanda have a mutual distrust of each other. They both think the other talks out of one side of their mouth and then the other. Frankly I think Amanda sees Howard as a threat, and Howard sees Amanda as a threat because they're both very smart and can sway people. I'm pretty sure I saw that Amanda had a separate alliance with just McCrae and Spencer tonight. I have a feeling that Amanda has her own agenda, and it's to throw the big targets/ competitors toward the others side. That way she can call the shots from the background and never be the biggest threat.

  11. I seriously wish that she would just take a hike and bypass any kind of interview. Her I cannot take at all. GInaMarie is an insult to my intelligence. She clearly has none. I don't even feel sorry for her and hope that they don't have to waste an eviction on her. Would they actually let her vote?

    Of course we knew from the first night that GM did not store bulbs when they burn out. Wonder what shade her hair is. Every time I see it, I just go, "Ehh. Go wash that crap out." Doesn't she know blond washes her out?

  12. I'm just wondering: would CBS want to put themselves on the line to create a totally racist/homophobic/sexist atmosphere? I doubt they want to be sued. Just saying. I'm not saying they are or aren't because it might be hard to prove if so, but Julie did look pretty mad the other night when she made the dig at Aaryn. All I'm saying is what would be the point of putting themselves at such risk? You may say ratings. Well, apparently from what I've read, BB15 has the lowest ratings and lowest number of viewers of all seasons. Is it because of this? It could very well be.

  13. Amanda wants others to do her dirty work! I wonder does she know that McRae told Jeremy to lay low and play and if he is chosen for veto to play hard! Who side are they own???

    I know. They seem to be playing both sides with Spencer only they don't seem to really be on Spencer's side, either because they threw him and Howard under the bus to put up for MVP nomination. I wonder if Amanda doesn't want Germy and Aaryn to stay for a little while so they can keep the target off of her back. Of course she did talk about backdooring Germy, but that's IF Howard wins veto.

  14. Absolutely. Howard and Spencer had a little pow-wow and decided to split their vote so they could blame it on Jessie. They all knew it was the end of the moving company so why not try to stir things up. Unfortunately, the others totally know what they did and it will backfire on them.

    I really like the fact Howard was trying to calm Candice down. He said he does have a temper and he's trying everything he can to not let it get the best of him. He will defend Candice from their racial slurs and if it gets out of hand he fears getting kicked out of the house. I think it's sad they have to deal with this crap in the BB house. You never know how ugly a person truly is until they drop their little act and show you who they really are. After that all bets are off.

    He's defending Candice? Good for him! I wouldn't worry if I were him. Aaryn's got a whole house of enemies if she ever makes HOH again.

  15. Jessie!

    It's on regular tv!!! Look on your TV guide channel

    From 12 to 2. Today it's from 1 to 3

    I don't have TVGN, though for whatever reason. I'm going to get those feeds, though. I'm gonna get them, yes, ma'm. And I will watch Amanda calling Aaryn out. I can't wait to see that.

  16. I am just wondering how greatly she has screwed up her life. She she will be hated and been fired/dropped from her modeling agency, but how does she recover? What kind of employment prospects will she have after this? No company is going to want to hire the racist Big Brother witch to model for them. It would be suicide.

    I don't think she'll have any. No network wants to be sued over her comments. That's part of what she'll have to worry about, too. What can she possibly do so she can pay her bills?

  17. Aaryn is still on the racial stuff......started with the name calling (Shaniqua - sorry for spelling it wrong) then she actually stood up throwing her hands in the air and saying something like "what'cha gonna do about it girl".....Trying to act /talk black......basically mocking Candice!!!! It was totally disgusting and why this person isn't getting into any kind of trouble with BB is beyond me, especially after flipping Candices bed over with all of her belongings......This girl is deffinately gonna have to watch her back when she does get the boot......gonna be a lot of angry people!!!! Her family has to be just as disgusted cause it's making them look just as bad.........This chick needs some serious HELP!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the update, Snuggs!

    Wow. This is ridiculous. BB do SOMEthing please. This isn't right! My blood pressure's rising...

  18. I agree with you, Vault that she has that "Mirror, mirror on the wall type personality." (Huh. Lol! My boss actually has that personality as well.)

    Clearly she needs to be humbled, tthough, and this will be a potentially lifelong humbling experience for her. I have a feeling that bit by bit it will break her down into a former shell of herself.

  19. I think cuz they're not all lovey-dovey with each other all the time, and they both have their own separate identity. She controls him and likes that, but I think she actually likes him as a person, too. I can see them building a relationship outside the house...

  20. Aaryn is clearly the type of person who will never believe she has done anything wrong, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Everyone else will be wrong and "out to get her" in her mind. She strikes me as the type of person who has lived a very sheltered life and was never criticized or told "no" growing up.

    True, but she won't be able to evade the criticisms, etc., when she gets out of the house. It'll be constant, and who knows what may happen? She has a looooonnnngggg road ahead. She may not be able to afford the Adderall, and then where will she be 300 pounds later?

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