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  1. Thanks so much to all of you who give such wonderful updates, and to everyone who makes the board so likeable. I don't post much, but soooo enjoy this site. Good job Marty!!!!
  2. This girl is the worst, she should be hospitalized. Honestly, does she really not know this is a GAME. I am soooo sick of her and if she ever, ever won this whole thing it would drive me away from BB I'm afraid. At least I would feel like never watching again, probably I'd be here for the next one, but really get her out of here!!!!! Now I'll tell you how I really feel.
  3. I enjoyed this season, even with the coaches. But I do prefer all newbies. Bring back all stars once in awhile in a group to compete, but I like everyone being on the same levels each time. Ian's my favorite this time.
  4. My picks.....Ian for winner, Dan..second, and Jenn..third I'm hoping for Ian but rather doubt he is going to stay, I think Dan will try and take Jenn to the end and will beat her, hope I am wrong.
  5. fav...Ian (because the kid has made it this far by playing the game, unlike others) Dan close second (great game) least fav....Danielle (just can't stand her whinning and general everything, hanging on coatails) Shane is a close second.
  6. I agree this is the best season. Great to see them all playing the game. Still would like a newbie to win, however any of you are left deserve it imo. "any who are left"
  7. Love it love it love it, best BB moment. Way to go Brit!!! Goodby Boogie!!!!
  8. Going to miss Janelle, but that's the game. She wanted into it, so I guess she would realize no one is anyone can go. She took it well, who knows, maybe she'll be back?? I meant to say "she would realize anyone can go"
  9. Just adding my disappointment in this season. I know I'll keep watching,however, wish they had left the coaches out of the season. I'm wishing they would go back to all new people, I enjoyed it much better. I'm just as glad Willie is gone, although have to say up to last show, he wasn't bothering me too much. Still don't like the name "Hantz". I do think the coaches are a joke!!! Would love to see the new people all think on their own and play the game. Just my two cents but seems most here agree.
  10. Don't like that Rachel might be coming back, so sick of her, still. Like the idea of fresh faces each BB, without any mentors.
  11. I'm checking in, BB time again, site has changed a bit, looks like some previous BBseason players on too, don't like that, however, I'm back to see how it goes. Hi Everyone!!!

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