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  1. Boobie coasters is about to begin ... No idea what that is though..
  2. now maggot puts 3 chairs at the fish tank and tells her minions we are now going to watch fish, come sit here. Of course they listen.
  3. ivette "like your boobs aren't probably real because of the way they look, but they're a nice proportion to your size" janelle didn't deny her statement. So there's no doubt Jan has fake ones.
  4. April "my boobies have definitely gotten bigger" Janelle "really? how is that possible?" April "I've been gaining weight, so they're bigger for sure" bahahahahahahah
  5. April " I was so f'ing ugly as a baby.....blah blah" news flash April, you're STILL f'ing ugly. crapette "I'm going to name my kid Mia Sophia" bahahahahahahaha
  6. no, you're seeing aprils sun baked leather chicken legs.
  7. no doubt its april, she's shorter and that's the way she brushes her hair on TV days.
  8. well, if cbs allows multiple votes from the same IP, kaysar could be screwed. someone could just write a simple bot to vote for eric nonstop.
  9. Most women that look anywhere near Janelle open their mouth and that's it, they turn me off. But not Janelle. I love her personality. She seems genuinely nice, with a nice mature attitude.
  10. there are 3 safes. There's no reason why they can't get them going on one of them.
  11. I typically don't like women like her, but I think she's awesome. And I think she'd even be more beautiful with her natural color hair.
  12. There were 2 numbers with arrows pointing right. 24--> and 8--> both were light blue. Eric was holding the 8, and sarah the 24. Who knows what eric did with the 8, and I didnt see him check the panels. Both aren't a combo number, they just point to the panel to pull. Bonehead eric must have got rid of the 8 and forgot about it.
  13. what?!? you mean April isn't 60 going on 80?
  14. I really don't believe howie is bi or gay. He's just crazy enough to do ANYTHING to reach his goal, and win.

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