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  1. It sure feels to me like the producers designed this HoH competition as endurance/physical vs mental to make it easier for Holly to win. This is is how the producers manipulate this game.
  2. After her monologue last night and the sudden camera change - I sure hope they had her go to the DR and had a therapist/psychiatrist ready to talk to her. She's either very disturbed or pretending - and she just doesn't strike me as "with it" enough to pretend to be crazed.
  3. I'm not sure how much of how Sam acts is real or fake. She is being edited by the producers as sweet and naive. Yet there are things she's said in the house witnessed by those that see the Live Feeds that don't fit that mold one bit (like her comment, I think to JC, that she wouldn't "s*** Haleigh's d***"). We all know the producers edit the players to fit the stereotyped roles they have for them. (That happens on most reality shows.)
  4. Sam is playing the role of the country hick. She’s accused the other young women of flirting and manipulating guys when she does the same thing. I really wish Steve had stayed in the game- as he could see through all the phony behavior. Why can’t people see through Sam? It baffles me!
  5. He really shouldn't have told everyone that he was a microbiologist. Plus, telling people you're a huge fan also makes you a risk. We were disappointed, as he lives in our town. We were really ready to root for him! It would be great if he got another shot to join the game. I also found it interesting that the guys vote split on the women and the women wanted Cameron out.
  6. So.... let me see if I've got this right.... 9/7 - We see eviction of Kalia or Porsche, an HOH competition, nominations and maybe a POV. 9/8 - We maybe have the POV (if not on 9/14), then eviction of one of the final four, and then Part I of the final HOH competition (with the final 3) 9/11 - No show - due to special on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 9/14 - The finale - with the final HOH competition completed going down to the final two players - then the voting for the winner. Is this what everyone thinks? Sure seems to me they should have done another double eviction sooner, so the final five going down to final two didn't have to be so compressed into 3 episodes.
  7. Adam has had veteran stars in his eyes since he saw them walk into the house. I don't really think he cares about winning. He cares about pleasing the vets that he idolizes. Other posters are right that he has no shot at winning with Rachel and Jordan - as he'd have to win at the final 3 point, and that isn't likely. He'd be far more likely to beat Porsche or Kalia.
  8. Here's one obvious case of manipulation via the DR.... 9:19AM BBT: Jordan and Daniele are chatting in the bubblegum room. You can't hear them through the whispering but one of them said, "Throw each other under the bus," then, "Who told you/her that?" "She said, "production." We got WBRB then, "Going after stronger players." It's pretty obvious that there's considerable manipulation going on by the producers. They want Brenchel to remain in the game for as long as possible for the drama. They also wanted Jeff/Jordan to turn on them, and wanted Brenchel to find out so they would turn on Jeff/Jordan - for even more drama (while making sure that as many newbies as possible, particularly those that could be competition, are voted out prior to any veterans). Production wants the veterans to control the game (I'm sure they were told this when signing back on). The only reality show that we watch that I don't think has a lot of manipulation (of course, every reality show has at least some) - is Amazing Race. That's still my favorite reality show.
  9. I am so sick and tired of Brenchel. What a pair they are - equally delusional and self-absorbed. I love how anyone that DARES to even think of putting them on the block is a terrible person - but they can both be as nasty and bitchy toward others as can be. They are the whiny-est pair ever, too. I so wished Jordan would have shaken things up and back doored them. They so deserve it. It's going to be disgusting if Rachel or Brendon win HOH tonight. I just want them GONE!
  10. I hope Rachael isn't there. She's like fingernails on a chalkboard - totally unbearable, and Brendon is the male equivalent of a dumb blonde.
  11. Yes, it unfortunately appears to be true. This is a link to a news article about the fire. Her family decided not to tell her until after the show tonight. http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2010/sep/15/hillcrest-house-destroyed-morning-fire/?latest
  12. There was a LOT that was contrived last night. The whole bit with Enzo's family, for one. I guess they watch every episode in the same clothes. It was so obvious they came there to tape them watching episodes they had obviously already seen. I agree with others that they are trying to play up Enzo for America's Choice. I'm sorry, but all he did was ride on Hayden's coattails. I'm so tired of his vile mouth and crude behavior. I don't find him funny - I find him dumb. They cast him to stereotype "Jersey" - and it's all just rather pitiful. The whole fight thing with Ragan/Rachel seemed contrived, too. She was probably egged on to do it - and then sat there grinning when she was supposed to be so upset. She's one heck of a bad actress. Then Brendon sits there like her lap dog with the blank look on his face. I had so hoped for some kind of interesting twist in this game. It has been so boring! Whatever happened with the "lifelong friends" thing? Was that all just a saboteur lie? The producers of this show could use a shake-up. They need to get more creative and stop casting "stereotypes".
  13. I keep hoping something interesting happens - some twist. It's been so boring these last couple weeks in particular. It's so predictable now, and I'm tired of the brigade (or BRAgade if you spell at 1st grade level like Enzo) gloating and patting each other on the back. Hayden is the only one that played a halfway decent game out of the 3. I don't want Lane OR Enzo to get the $50K. Enzo's been riding on Hayden's coattails. Lane isn't much better.
  14. I personally think he would backdoor Britney if she doesn't win POV - but I'm curious what others think!
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