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  1. Did anyone else notice that all the butter seemed to be pooling in Eric and Danielle's lanes? It was ridiculous. I think it was totally rigged. BB probably told them which lanes to stand in.
  2. After reading your message I did some digging and I think she looks ALOT like Erin Brodie who was on For Love or Money as the Bachelorette a few years ago. Here is a link to a picture of her. http://www.realitytvstuff.com/WomensCalendar/ErinBrodie.html They look so much alike it's crazy. I am totally excited to watch the finale tonight.
  3. I just told my husband that she looks absolutely disgusting. I don't think I have ever seen even hollywood movie stars look that skinny. She looks like she is starving herself.
  4. They have hours and hours of footage that ends up on the cutting room floor. even if they took the interviews off alone and showed more of the answers to their questions it would be worth it.
  5. LA TIMES 11th 'Survivor' edition draws fewer votes Is "Survivor" in trouble? "Survivor: Guatemala," the 11th edition of CBS' popular reality series, opened Thursday to the lowest premiere ratings since the show first became a sensation back in the summer of 2000. An average of 18.4 million viewers tuned in, according to Nielsen Media Research, making it the night's most-watched show. But that was lower than last year's premiere for "Survivor: Vanuatu" (19.1 million) and February's opening of "Survivor: Palau" (23.7 million). CBS spokesman Chris Ender said that the ratings must be put in perspective. President Bush's live address delayed "Survivor's" scheduled 8 p.m. start in the Mountain Time Zone, he said. Also, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has essentially knocked CBS' New Orleans affiliate out of commission, Ender said. "The continued ratings success of 'Survivor' defies gravity," he said. "Show me another series in its 11th edition that draws 18.5 million viewers."
  6. It might be just as much fun to see longer footage of what happens on anotherr station. Kind of like they did with Rock Star. Show another show on a different night with all the drama in between the competitions. I would love to see more of what they do on the off days. And I think it is a few weeks behind but I don't think they are all back yet. I could be wrong and I will find out!
  7. I think Stephanie will def last longer than Bobby John. She is going to be very appreciated in her tribe. I could not believe how much stronger the women were. I know we women have to endure more pain - like childbirth but it was crazy! The nurse, Margaret is going to be a valuable asset for her tribe. Everyone - have a great weekend!
  8. This will seem like such a basic question but I cannot find the answer anywhere. Where do the people go when they are evicted? Are they put in another house or do they go home?? Thanks!
  9. Where do the contestants go once they are evicted??? Do they have to be around eachother until the end? Thanks!
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