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  1. I don't think Porsche had any game at all. Shelly did. Adam really didn't have much going on either. Shelly was awesome, IMNSHO.
  2. I totally agree Shaggy....She's a real wackjob. (crazy as a loon....ROTFLOL!!!) I just have to laugh at the crazies out there who would call her work and demand she be fired for voting Jeff out? LOL!! I really needed this laugh today. I just hope Jordan and Rachel stick to their guns and get this "C" out of the house.
  3. oh my my my my my how the tables have turned for this BIATCH!!! Jordan better stick to her guns and get rid of her!!!!
  4. A voice of reason, Pnutsugar!! I agree with you!!! I'd love to Slimcruz!!!
  5. I loved the interview but I just don't get some guys....Either he loves her or he don't, either he wants to spend the rest of his life with her or he don't....Why not just pop the question and marry her. It's not as if he's cheating on her or ever would, geesh! Ya gotta love Big Jeff though....He's a class act and I sooo wish he was still in that house!
  6. They had the kid on TV. She even said her Mom needs to stop lying and deceiving or something to that effect. The kid's got more brains than her wacko mother does!
  7. Adam is a worm. He's not a man like Big Jeff. He's turned on Jordan and Rachel and gone to the dark side. I used to like him, but don't anymore.
  8. If Dani only had a fraction of the class J/J have she might be able to do something or be somebody. I cannot stand this girl and will be soooo glad to get rid of her tonight. Then onto that two faced Shelly!
  9. I could tell right off the bat that Shelly was a two faced pig. I don't like her and never did.
  10. I thought this was a double elimination week? When will the peeps Jeff put up be voted off and a new HOH put up? I'm just curious.
  11. I apologize ahead of time if this was already asked or posted about, but what was Dani's reaction to going up on the block? I could have overlooked it, but I couldn't find any posts on it. Thanks.
  12. So very true. Dani has not changed at all. Cannot stand her!
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