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  1. It had everything to do with her color. EDIT What did Aryan Nation say about Candice' being light-skinned? One of the live feeders said she was coming to Candice defense (sort of) in one of the HOH Candice bashing sessions by VaginaMarie the other night. I think it was Saturday night. Anyone know?
  2. I agree about them and their name calling and bashing. But, idle time is the devil's workshop. Those with small minds have nothing better to occupy their time.
  3. What did Aryan Nation say about Candice' being lightskinned? One of the feeders said she was coming to Candice defense in one of the HOH Candice bashing sessions by VaginaMarie the other night. I think it was Saturday night. Anyone know?
  4. I can't wait for any one of them to come back in the house. They will all be out for blood.
  5. I can't stand his gameplay. I think if I were in the jury, and he and Aryan Nation were the final two, I'd vote for the racist. Because I just can't stand a rat.
  6. I can't stand Amanda because she's a bully, but I have mad props for her game. She's outplayed them all. She's the only one who deserves to win, just for gameplay.
  7. LOL, I think it's hilarious that Helen is leaving the house. She only has her own self to blame for trusting every deal that is made with her. I can't wait for her to find out about Andy. Also, she sold her soul to the devil by aligning with Aryan Nation and it's coming back to bite her in the butt. I'm so glad she's going to be blindsided. I liked Helen in the beginning, but her HOH went to her head and her game play went downhill.
  8. Is Amanda really that smart to come up with these game plans, i.e. the Veto (what it was going to be and how they can rig it in their favor) and manipulating McCrae and Andy to lie about a final three with Helen, taking the blood off her hands and keeping her safe. Or is someone coaching her behind the scenes?
  9. I just want to see who makes it to F2 and how the jury will vote and what will be said to Amanda, Aryan and VGinaMarie about their racist behavior in the house. I know she's not going to tell them that they all lost their jobs, but I can't wait to see on the blogs how they were told and what they said.
  10. Thanks. But, I prefer to call it a reasonable explanation, instead of jumping to conclusions about a man based on a conversation that no one heard fully and that neither one of us knows personally. Not from what I've seen on Twitter, Facebook and other BB fan forums.
  11. So agree with this. I totally agree with you. I like Helen, but she thinks making deals with everyone and trusting those deals is the key to this game. Yes, just like the Caitlin, Howard, Candice and Judd evictions. No threats, but they had to go.
  12. Helen will make a deal with the devil. Seriously, she thinks everyone that comes to her with a deal is dealing honestly with her. She took a wrong turn in the game by not building up her side of the house. Especially against another Alpha female in the house who has solidified her own allies. She should have kept the people in the house who did not have anyone, like Howard/Spencer/Candice/Jesse/Elissa. None of them can win any comps and she would have beaten them in the end, but they would have controlled the vote. And McCranda would have imploded with Amanda's paranoia. Now she is left twisting in the wind with no one. Why does she think she still has Andy when he wouldn't go against McCranda and they are supposed to be closest allies in the house? She should have stuck to her gut instincts. Also, I would have been suspicious when McCrae approached me for a three way deal with Andy after she told Andy to put them up. I think she's the worst kind of player. Someone who thinks they have it all figured out and who in reality does not have a clue.
  13. I agree. Maybe she has to be employed with a realty company or doing business on her own in order keep her license current. Anyone here a real estate broker or agent, to answer the question? My thing is, why is McCrae and Andy allowing her to use them? They are the ones lying to Helen and will not get her jury vote for the sake of keeping Amanda safe.
  14. One of the comments on the site said the following: "As Howard was being evicted, he said he would spew then… however, that show was not live, and the audience that came to see Howard off wasn’t even allowed into the studio. The people who cheered for Howard when greeting Julie were CBS employees. So once again Howard was mistreated by CBS. They feared there would be some kind of strife, I guess, because of Howard’s speech to the BB15HG. So we don’t even know if Howard did infact deliver a stern speech. He certainly was very staid from what they aired." Is this true? I thought it was a live show with an audience.
  15. Yeah, I really like Elissa. She's the only person in the house with any morals or ethics. I hate everyone else, but her and poor Jesse. I feel sorry for her. Anyway, yeah that would be great.
  16. Agree. I wonder what she's going to do when she leaves the house and realizes they are not really married and he doesn't really want her anymore.
  17. I agree with you about everything except for the part about someone speaking out in spite of the non-disclosure agreement. Those agreements are legally ironclad and any violation would be a lawsuit against them. I would not want to go up against CBS and their team of lawyers just for disclosing production and gain what? So, I doubt anyone would "spill the beans" despite the contract.
  18. Well, the casual fans of the show don't know that and I believe that was taken out of context. Maybe he was a different man when he was referring to that. People change you know. She was also the first to figure out the Moving Company. LOL I think she's a good game player. Her game is a lot like Will's in that she hasn't won a thing, HOH or POV and she's still controlling the house through manipulation. Every single player she wanted gone, is gone and no one wants to put her on the block. She has absolutely no blood on her hands if she were to get to final two. Everyone else has turned on each other and done her dirty work. So, how is that not like Will Kirby? People have not forgotten.
  19. Slimcruz, CBS probably has the HGs sign a perpetual non-disclosure contract. I agree with Hawk, I don't think this show is a game in the real sense of the word. I think everything is manipulated. Amanda should have been voted out weeks ago, but she is destined to go to the end without any interference from any of the HG's. The HGs couldn't be as dumb about keeping McManda together in that house as they seem to be. So, I agree with Ivgal.
  20. 12:02AM BBT: In the bathroom area GinaMarie doesn't feel well. She doesn't think she can eat any more slop. GinaMarie truly looks miserable. This is from being evil and I hope she is as miserable as she can be.
  21. No, it will be the BB fans whose distaste and disgust for the racist behaviors of GM and Aryan that will propel a vote for either Candice or Howard. Especially after how Candice was treated in her last week and how GM talked about her mother and didn't even allow her a voice on the way out of the door. However, I think Howard will get it over Candice because of how he was portrayed on the show, i.e. as a good Christian man. No one else besides Elissa with BB fans will have a chance in hell. It has nothing to do with game play. If it did, BB fans would not have turned on Amanda and put her on the block three weeks in a row. She's playing the best game in the house, like Dr. Will without the charm. But none of that matters because BB fans who hate this cast for their racist and homophobic slurs want redress and the only way they can get it, is through voting in the game.
  22. Agree. I think I hate her more than Aryan Nation at this point. I think this is the first time we agree on a house guest.

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