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  1. 1.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the eviction show.... Shelli will send a special shout out to Clay. 2. Which nominee staying would help or hurt your favorite BB17 HG's the most Shelli or Vanessa? Shelli since she would come after James or Meg if she won HOH 3.Who do you hope will be second person evicted Thursday in double eviction ? Vanessa if she survives the first eviction. Do we know who's going home?
  2. I think every single one would put Vanessa on the block. Especially Johnny Mac. I hope he wins DE HOH so he can play Veto, win and put Van on the block again and send her out the door behind Shelli.
  3. Meg almost won the last POV. She had the second best time. So we know she's trying. I love how she fake cares about Shelli.
  4. I don't think it's so much that they want to work with Vanessa, but James and Meg know that if Shelli ever wins HOH again, she's coming after the two of them. Vanessa's target most definitely is Becky and Johnny Mac. Just because Becky is HOH doesn't mean that people have to play the game to her advantage. They said they would protect her in the game, but they have to play their own game and if that messes up Becky's game, oh well.
  5. Why would she be after James? He didn't put her on the block. I think she's after Becky and JMac.
  6. Me either. Becky is not one of my favorites. I like the Goblins. Agree and isn't the whole point of BB to mess up other people's games?
  7. In Season 2, one of the HG's took another HG's toothbrush and was cleaning the toilet with it on purpose. They called her out on it. I forget what her punishment was as a result. Also during Season 8, Jen tried to destroy all of Dick's cigarettes, but DR stopped her before it got too far and they had to replace the ones she destroyed.
  8. She may be, but she can't play for HOH and she has to trust that the goblins have her back if they win, and there will be a double eviction, so I think she'll simmer down even if she's pissed about losing Shelli.
  9. Hi KP, welcome to Mortys. I think the Goblins are Meg, Jackie and James. I'm not sure why they are called that, but I felt you deserved an answer to at least part of your question. LOL
  10. I don't understand Becky sometimes, why would she tell Vanessa's bff that she was back dooring her? It's like Shelli is the cool girl that Becky wants to be friends with, but Vanessa is in her way.
  11. They weren't crying when they were in power and breaking deals, backdooring people and sending people home.
  12. It's in James', Meg and Jackie's best interest to get rid of Shelli. She's come close in the last two comps and she wants revenge. Vanessa is all over the place and doesn't really have a target, but is running scared wanting to make deals.
  13. Also the time in Season 9 when Sheila broke her deal with Natalie. She told Natalie if she gets down, she won't put her up and she promptly put her on the block. Didn't Danielle Donato break her deal with Kail in Season 8?
  14. Maybe he's just lying to everyone, including us about his knowledge of BB.
  15. I felt that way about the disgusting season 9. Ugh. I didn't like anyone in that house.
  16. My favorites are Janelle from Season 6 and Dick and Danielle Donato from Season 8
  17. Good, because she was only being used by Shelli, Clay and Vanessa.
  18. Same thing happened with Becky. They spoke in front of her in HOH and she ran back and told Clay and Shelli the whole plan.
  19. LOL, I like Meg. Meg doesn't trust either of them because she blames both of them for all her allies leaving the house.

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