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  1. I could hang with Kevin. Talk some shit, have a beer or 4. Share stories. Flirt with the young ladies. It'd be fun. He seems to be a good guy. Paul, Kevin, Xmas final 3 would be cool with me.
  2. I've always liked the players that can manipulate others to do their bidding. I'm a Paul fan. He works all the angles to try and get an advantage. HE HAS A CLUE.......I like players like that. Go Paul!!!!!!!!
  3. To me, this is playing the game. When people start to compare notes, they will realize that he did play a good game and they just didn't notice. The best thing that could happen to Andy is for the jury to start comparing notes.
  4. I know my opinion won't be a popular one, but I don't think it should be Julie's place to bring up any of the things that she considers to be racist. CBS brings these people into a house, has cameras on them 24/7, then wants to call them out for not being politically correct? Was some of the things Aaryn said offensive? Absolutely. I would consider her to be a bigot for sure, but a racist? I don't know her well enough to make that call. I've never seen her deny someone a job, a place to live, medical treatment, or anything that I would consider to be racist. It's not like she only said bigoted things to Howard, Candice and Helen. She said horrible things about everyone. She spread her nasty comments equally throughout the house, as have a few others. If CBS called Aaryn on it, then they should call the others out on it as well. Please don't get me wrong. I, in no way condone the things that Aaryn said, but I think it's going a little far to call her out on national tv for being a racist.
  5. What a panty waist. I dread the minute him and Amanda corner GM or Elissa after they get nominated and start with the low blows. If they are both up after noms, someone needs to stir the pot by starting rumors about what they are saying behind each others backs. It would be great if the whole house got together to figure out some plan to drive them both nuts during their block time.
  6. When your only move in the game comes down to trying to get someone to throw a punch or push you, you should just hang it up. I agree that if Amanda and McC are on the block together, Amanda is going to go full fledged psycho on GM and Elissa. I would hate to see one of them lose their temper and slap the nasty right off Amanda. I don't think Elissa would do that , but I worry about GM. I can see her doing a chest bump in the heat of the moment. How low will Amanda go with GM in her attempt to break her? Will she bring up her eating disorder? Her obsession with Nick, her fake hair? I predict all of this and much more.
  7. you gotta know as a women if it gets to that point, she should hang it up for the evening. If I ever get yelled at during sex, I'm going back to watching the ball game. She can do it herself. sorry.....back to big brother talk.
  8. That's funny If a women I know hadn't showered in 2 days, I'm not going down there and if I hadn't showered for 2 or 3 days....I'm not letting a woman go down there either. What's wrong with these people.
  9. I have to agree. A petition of any sort for a show like this is pretty silly if you ask me. Why take is so seriously? It has no baring on anyone's life what so ever. It's just a tv show.
  10. Same here. It's rare that I don't have a favorite that I'd like to see make it to the end, but this year I could never get behind any of these people.
  11. As bad as Evel Dick was, I'd be willing to bet the he at least has enough respect for his family to not lay up in bed and have sex on camera for all the world to see,,,,,,.not flash his junk in front of a room full of people...not throw little temper tantrums for drugs just to name a few. I'm sure that the people he knows were not surprised at the way he acted. I'm pretty sure that Amanda's family and friends are horrified.
  12. Well don't leave us hanging......spill the beans.
  13. I understand that his is a game and all that, but it's really no reason to act like a mental case, following someone around the house saying the things that Amanda has said. Is there anyone here that would act this way? I know I wouldn't and most importantly couldn't. I know my family, friends, and co-workers would be watching and there is no way I would embarrass them by acting like this. How do you come out of the house and say you acted this way just to win $500,000? The simple fact that anyone COULD, and WOULD, act like this, and treat people the way Amanda has only goes to show how selfish she is. She doesn't care that her actions reflect bad on her parents, her family, and her friends. This lady has some issues and I can only hope that she gets the help she needs when all this is over. Here's the kicker.....Could you imagine acting this way and NOT winning the game? It's going to be a long row to hoe for her if she's out before the finish line.
  14. My wife just reminded me that BB was on tonight and I told her I wasn't watching. She looked at me said "whaaaaat" Her and I have watched this show every season and have seen every episode but I told her it's over for me for this season. Watching people verbally abuse each other is of no interest to me. I'd rather watch the Vikings and 49'ers game. Heck, I'd rather watch a show about flameless candles on QVC at this point.
  15. I have to agree. I love this game, but I can't even stand to watch these people play it. I understand trying to play things up for the cameras, but it has gone way beyond anything interesting or fun to watch. I really sucks the we waited a year for this show and this is what we get. It seems like Amanda is trying her best to be like ED but it's just not working out for her. They will be lucky if someone doesn't throw a punch with the way things are going.
  16. Well good for McJammie pants. He gets another week or 2 to hide behind his woman's (and I use that term loosely) booty shorts.
  17. If Elissa really intended to back door Amanda, then she should have kept it to herself until after the veto comp. When she initially made the noms, she made it clear that she was targeting Aaryn and only put Mc up so he and Amanda would try hard for the veto. One of them wins, he comes down, she can say "see...told you it would work, Aaryn didn't win veto, lets get her out" A cover story if you will in case by chance, one of them did win. If she truly wanted one of them out, then she should have just put them both up to begin with and taken her lumps with the other one left in the house. By her starting the war chants last night about a possible backdoor move, all she did was alert McManda, who will now verbally beat her senseless for the rest of the week. If she would have just kept the backdoor plan to herself, until after the veto, she could have eased the pain the she is sure to endure.
  18. Well darn. Any hopes that I had for the rest of the season were pretty much dashed with Amanda winning. I was looking forward the McManda up against each other. All the other scenarios are pretty boring at this point. The way this woman walks around the house is a big turn off for me this season. The only thing worse than a sore loser, is an over the top cocky winner, and Amanda has displayed both. There's not really much more that I can add to what hasn't already been said about Amanda. She's has has some issues that she needs to work on and I hope when she gets out of the house she can do some reflecting and get the help she needs to resolve those issues. Judging from what I have seen and read about her this season, it's tough for me to imagine she could sell anyone a house, much less anyone that is educated and done well enough in their life to buy a high end house in FL. I picture her more as the manager of a trailer park
  19. Final 3 by default. Quite possibly the winner of $50,000
  20. The little worker bee. I hope that Elissa doesn't forget her "threat" to him that if he didn't vote for Helen, he would be a target of hers. If for some reason he found himself on the block against Mc, he'd probably go once Amanda and Mc exposed all of his dirty laundry.
  21. If he doesn't take himself off the block, then he deserves to go home. However, with this bunch, he may get away with it.
  22. Remember the other day when Amanda jumped all over Elissa and Helen for "bullying" Andy when they told him if he didn't vote for Helen, he would have targets he never had before? I just read where Amanda pretty much did the same thing to Elissa earlier today. Oh how the tables can turn. That's one thing that I can never understand about the players in this game. You have to be aware of how you act when you are on top because it always comes back on you when you're on the bottom. This would be the best moment of the season. The time between the veto meeting, replacement meeting, and the days before eviction would make this season for me if those 2 were on the block at the same time.
  23. I heard McCrae and Amanda whispering last night about Mc's final speech for the jury in the even that Amanda goes out. He is going to claim to be the mastermind behind their game and she was the enforcer. He also said that if she leaves, he is going to try and take Spencer to the end with him.
  24. GM talking about someone needing class then saying "that c**t can s**k a d**k..f**k her" Mc not showering Aaryn winning HOH's then playing the victim because people might come after her Amanda talking like she has a clothes pin on her nose There's tons more

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