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  1. just a guess but with GM 's leg hurt, limiting her physically, they will see her as less of a threat in the compititions. So I figure it will be Judd evicted.
  2. Andy seriously needs to go this week. I have disliked him since the begining.
  3. I think many are looking at this wrong. calling for Ms Grodner to be fired for lack of effort in choosing an interesting cast to entertain us.We have all heard and/or used the expression scrapping the bottom of the barrell but Ms Grodner has made the extra effort to dig under the barrell. I mean every year there are a few and usually takes me 2-3 weeks to decide on a favorite but there is no one.Now we are down to 5 and they are the worst of the bunch.
  4. I am not one of those but if she were to do her yoga excersises naked, now that would be a great game move
  5. I never thought it possible that BB would ever find a HG as repulsive as ED but I think Amanda tops even him. That being said , they saved ED several times he was gone so I am sure BB is squrming to find a way to keep Amanda in there .
  6. If in fact he is that whipped and stupid, yes it may be the stupidest move ever but if GM puts up spencer in her place Andy may shoot to save mcrea saying it is all Amanda. Not likely I know but possible thinking on their part
  7. I know it is a far reach and dought seriously Aaryn would think of it but if she were to replace Elissa with Amanda not only would it make for good tv but it would gain her support of the other side and may get Andy's support as well. Helen and Amanda up,two opposite powers, and let the house decide.
  8. The MVP twist would have been very interesting had it been given to a Hg that actually kept it a secret as we were being led to believe it would be . However it appears,at least to me, it was used as a tool to keep Elissa in the game.
  9. Let me start by saying Aaryn is a beautiful girl to look at but when she opens her mouth the serious ugly pours out. What we see leaves very little to like about her. That being said, I think far to much is being read into this racist crap, that seems to pop up every time a white person speaks these days. Did anyone notice nothing was said when Candice made the comment of waving the rebel flag cause they had both the black people on the block? I make judgments on people due to their actions, morals and willingness to help others when possible not race.Aaryn is a very shallow individual and not very likable but thats it. Some may say she does'nt like blacks or asians but ,as I see it, she does'nt like anyone but Aaryn which,to me, is extremely similar to many others who are playing and have played this game. Today the word racist is thrown around more than hello and I really wish people would at least look up the meaning before throwing it out there. I do agree it is out there but in most cases completely opposite of the way it is being used. In all fairness you must consider this is all comming from a white,honkey,cracker,redneck,trailer trash country hick and many other slang references that the same ones who scream racist have a good laugh at.
  10. I may get smashed for this but if they do a remake of all in the family Elissa would make a great Edith and be able to do it naturally. She has been carried and protected simply being Rachel's sister.Her performaces in competitions I think easily earns her the dingbat nickname.
  11. 1.Which Juror would you want back at this point Candice, Judd, or Jessie ? Judd 2.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the show tonight ..... Amanda will dramatically point out how unfair it is that no one will let her win. 3.Who would you rather see evicted next Helen or Amanda or someone else? Mcranda either or. like most prefer Amanda but it would make good tv to see her bitch and whine about Mcrea being gone.
  12. Helen has become a bit of a disappointment. Being a political consultant, it seems she could spot a lie much faster than the rest being surrounded by people who have no sence of truth on a daily basis.

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