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  1. Porcha is not pretty inside or out. Rachel needs bag on her head to. She fake cries terrible. Who picks these players?
  2. witty? thought she was flat personality.
  3. I don't think they bring him and Russell back to win. It's star attraction and adds a know how element to the game.
  4. be dumb to tell he has the idol
  5. saw tv interview and he said she was to crude for his taste.
  6. adore Rob and that Russel guy makes it all fun.
  7. I dont think it should have been so close.
  8. From expressions at tribel I don't think none of them had thought about it before. dim type people.
  9. to bitter jeez. And to bad she thinks its all about honesty.
  10. That dumb jump and yelling she liked that lady's crown cinched it for us. could never watch her again. lol lol
  11. his bio says aggressive ho ho
  12. Brook acts like a fourth grader. embarassing person.
  13. this race shows their true characters.
  14. You can tell dwts top dogs had a pow wow how to save dwts by not high scoring her. Which proves her tea party had no pull in the end. To bad girl.

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