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  1. No sex and the city? It's so great and classic~
  2. When the astrophysicist is giving her speech about "real science," and all she's got in the audience are a handful of "nerds" who want to talk about their own UFO abductions...sure it was funny but it was also an insult. Most SF convention attendees know as much science as the average scientist....
  3. Bobby


    Great movie. It's very catchy and interesting. The actor is handsome~~
  4. The way this movie portrays it is both refreshing and entertaining. There are no dull moments, with smart humour and just enough chick-flick romance to keep fans of those interested but not so much that everyone else gets tired. Hart and Lawrence are a hilarious duo. Their characters are so much alike in their cynical sense of humour that they keep the scenes moving with witty dialogue. I will admit, the guys Vince owes money to aren't tough enough to be really believable, but then again real gangsters would be slightly disturbing in a light-hearted movie like this. Great watch, too bad it was a made-for-TV, it's much better than many on the big screen.
  5. haha~Does anybody hate these things??I guess no..
  6. I'd like to say, it is a great show...
  7. Susan always feels she needs a man in her life to be complete; Katherine earlier this season cried in Bree's kitchen because she couldn't find a man (I would have previously said her, since she seemed a strong character, but TPTB have altered her this season :/); Bree is sometimes so stuck in the mindset of traditional family values that she lets the men in her life take control over it, such as buckling to Alex's request to be able to criticise her, and for a while allowing Orson to shut down her business to please him; Edie's also shown as someone flawed and unhappy because she doesn't have a man in her life, like her clinging onto Carlos in season 3/4... s, who's your favorite female character out of the five main women and why?
  8. I still think Edie deserved a better send off. But I did get mushy at the end, the voiceover got me. And I so knew they were going to spread the ashes all over WL 'cause... duh, it's the only appropriate place. Also, Edie should continue doing voiceovers, she's less cheesy than Mary Alice. However, I still feel like the death was nothing more than a ratings stunt, it did nothing for the plot. I don't care about their feelings toward Nicolette, she was one of the reasons I still enjoyed the show when everything else annoyed me and I do believe killing her off was something they'll regret pretty soon.
  9. well, it's good for her to leave, not a big fan of her...

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