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  1. I don't think it was Discovery Alaska it was on Sarah Palin. He crossed into the United States without a passport which is not hard but should be the reason he should be sent back to Mexico.
  2. They already did Blair Witch on Survivor one and Kelly won immunity.
  3. Finally after eight months my daughter and son in law arrived in the United States today. I am quite relieved! They seem to have lots of luck out so they are a good candidate for amazing race 17 assuming luck and experience is what Amazing Race wants but I doubt it. I was always reading the Internet where were or had been and what when wrong after they were there. Nothing much happened in Equator. On the other hand, they just the missed the floods at Manchu Picchu in Peru. They were much closer in time to the earthquake in Chile. There was another earthquake in Argentina but it was not a real problem for anyone. There were flood in Brazil but they missed those ones. They thing that definitely worried me was the video's of some of the bus rides that were on the edge of the road lots of places in South America. They learned Spanish before they went and became proficient or at least my son in law became very proficient. They did have plane problems in Brazil but still made it to their next destination. Not because of the floods in Brazil. Because of all the plane problems in Brazil they almost missed their flight to Nepal. Why they wanted to Nepal, I have no idea. The original plane landed in India and they then flew to Nepal where they hiked for a month of in Nepal highlands. The girl that got killed in Nepal was after they left, perhaps or perhaps not. They put list of favorite/ least favorite things. Beth Ann's worst thing was being glared at in Nepal. They took a bus into India and rioting and fires on the border of Nepal on the way. Why did they do that video they sent? I guess because they made it ok or we wouldn't have gotten the video. They of course saw the Taj Mahal but apparently other areas off the beaten track. They were invited to dinner and a lot of people apparently wanted to take there picture with them because they don't see white people. Another thing people from India wanted to do was practice their English. I guess they wanted to work for Microsoft (LOL). I was worried sick about the volcanic ash because they went through London on the way but on the way back it was New Deli to New York. So both me and they lucked out again or least they didn't have to take the chance of flying through London and the potential ash cloud. Other info on the trip Favorite country Marc Argentina, Peru Beth Ann Its hard to choose but I was surprised how much I liked Bolivia, Brazil and India, all countries I didn't want to go to. Favorite Large City both Buenos Aires Favorite new food Marc Piranha Beth Ann Masala dosa (India) Most Useful items Swiss army Knife, netbook earplugs, bowl with cutting board. Next place they want to vist Turkey, Indonesia, trans-Siberian railway,China Most surprising part of the trip for them and me they didn't get robbed, injured or assaulted. Before leaving they watched the movies Taken and Transsiberian. Lots of more things like the toilet on the train in India is open and falls on the track. Other Trips I may have mentioned they have taken: There other trip for they honeymoon was a safari in Africa. The Safari is in the highlands. They did this in part to get use to the altitude for the successful climb on Mt. Kilimanjaro. They also took altitude sickness pills which helped. Other people swam on the coast which does not help with the climb. You can also take pills to help with altitude sickness. People who didn't take the altitude sickness pills had much less success on the climb. Only six out of twelve made it to the top It included my daughter and son in law. They stayed only a few minutes. Going down was fast and easy of course and they could not wait to get off the mountain. One honeymoon couple, the husband made all the arrangements and didn't tell his wife. They did pretty bad. I wondered if they are still married? The trip before that they went to Israel and Jordan and when they got there was a war on. Absolutely no one told that they were in Israel. They trip before that they started at Scotland and went down through Europe to Spain. I don't think anyone that has traveled as much as they have can get picked. They are ready to watch Amazing Race 16 and see how many places they recognize in South America.
  4. symanticc

    I really got tired of Russell on the Reunion and Early Show saying he should have won because he was voted America $100.00. How can someone expect to win when they are annoying? If you just want to talk about the final three. Its all together possible that votes were split between the America's jury for Sandra and Pavarti and Russell may have won by default. Of course they just wasn't just three to vote for there were 20 other survivors and a lot of people had favorites again giving Russell a better chance to win. We don't know how many people watched and how many people voted. Probably the percentage voted is very few voted versus watched. We never really going to know how this voted actually turned out. Jeff was not turning all the votes just two. Russell is delusional if he thinks if America voted he would have won. More likely he would be the first voted off since so many people in America dislike him and there were 20 to vote for. He was asking for something that's impossible, its not part of the game, and something your going to lose at. The first Big Brother had the America's vote off the player and that didn't work. That's the last time that happened. It true who win survivor is in part luck so stand to reason that luck comes into play on who win the $1,000,000. It is really was luck, which comes into play whoever wins survivor and thereby who wins the $100,000. If Tyson would have stuck with plan it would have been bye bye Russell and Boston's Rob America's favorite survivor. You can read the logo at the front of this group of threads and it says OUTWIT, OUTPLAY, and finally OUTLAST. Even if Russell thinks he outwitted and outplayed he can't outlast and that's his opinion he never wanted outlasted survivor. In his excuse he didn't play to outlast. His own admission is he didn't play to win YET he should have won in his opinion he should be the sole survivor. Maybe he should over Natalie but people for people that they don't like I don't understand his logic that he didn't play to win yet he thinks he should. He a sore loser and a generally mean as the entire jury knew which is why none of the nine voted for him. He had a better case on survivor 19 but he was still so disliked so that voted Natale instead. Assuming he was not paid extra for $ for survivor 20. I think he ended up over between survivor 19 and twenty of $375,000. In any event he got no votes in Survivor 20 and no votes was what he deserved. Finally I find it very funny on the Reunion show they pointed out he was upset his hat diappeared but he had no problem with him dumping canteens, burning socks, and hiding the machete.
  5. http://www.tonic.com/article/survivor-hero...illion-dollars/ What Would You do With a Million 'Survivor' Bucks? By Ethan Zohn | Friday, May 7, 2010 11:00 AM ET An absurd view of what these "Heroes and Villains" should do if they win the grand prize. When I’m ninety years old, I wonder what I’ll be doing. In fact, I wonder if I’ll even be alive. Modern medicine is constantly increasing the span of active life, so maybe, after blowing out my candles, I’ll be heading out for another season of Survivor. It would probably be called Survivor: You're Way Too Old. I hope that’s what the future has in store for me because in life we are often given second chances at many things — love, business, school, friendships, a pulse. What if you were given a second chance at winning a million dollars? Pretty cool right? What about a third chance? Even better. This is the fortunate predicament for all of the contestants on this season of Heroes vs. Villains. After I won the million bucks on Survivor Africa, I had to think long and hard about what to do with the money. I used it to co-found a charity called Grassroot Soccer, but I also invested wisely. I got into business with a really sweet Nigerian guy who emailed me about an additional $20 million he wanted to deposit into my account. All I needed to do was send over all my bank account info and some good faith money. Smart huh? As the final episode of Heroes vs. Villains approaches, the chance of actually winning that money is becoming a serious reality for everyone who is still playing the game. This is a list explaining how I would like to see the remaining contestants use the million bucks if they win Survivor. Rupert – How long can Rupert really stretch out this whole “pirate” thing? Rupert should move to the Caribbean and spend his second million building a pirate ship theme park. This way he can speak slowly and live happily ever after … as a pirate. Parvati – Travel around the world holding conferences on how to get men to do anything you want with just a smile and a hair flip. Use the cash to develop a hair product called “flip it to whip it”. Next stop, QVC. Russell – Take a year off and write the self-help book titled, How to Piss Off The World in Just 26 Short Weeks. I’m sure it will make it to #2 on the CBS Times Best Seller List … if there was one. Then use the million to hire a PR company and get your good guy image back. Good luck on that one. Danielle – Use the money to buy a car and take a road trip down the Mass Pike heading east toward Fenway Park. Just before you hit Boston, there is a Costco on the left hand side. This is where you should purchase the economy size box of Kleenex to wipe the tribal council tears off your face. This game is rough. Colby – Colby is hoping that the old saying, “the third time’s a charm” will actually come true. It’s his third time playing Survivor and he’s got some of the “southern charm” left over. However, he should really use the money to pay Ozzy to coach him in some Survivor challenge skills. His performance is sad and he got the Nickelodeon green slime. Poor guy. Jerri – I’m not good at math, but I think this is the 480th reality show that Jerri has been a character on ( I’m not one to talk). But, if Jerri wins the million this time around, I think she should use it to produce and star in her own show called The Bachelorette. Sandra – Sandra’s spicy personality and winning attitude is the perfect combination for the purchase of an Outback Steak House franchise. I think she should rename it, “Sassy Sandra’s Steak House Of The Outback.” A portion of her money can be used to pay Colby and Jerri to appear at the grand opening. Candice - I hear she's joining the "I've Just Been Bamboozled" tour with Richard Hatch. Should be a good one. The Jury – The jury should pull a fast one on all the fans that watch Survivor each week. Vote for Brian Heidick to win the million just to see what happens. For some reason, I feel this guy needs another big check. In addition, I’d love to see him emerge from that rabbit hole he’s been hiding in since winning Survivor Thailand. Jeff Probst – Reality check: the best Survivor player of all time will be the one who is crowned champion of an “All Winners” version of the show. When CBS gets around to doing this — and they will — I think Probst should toss in a million of his own dollars to sweeten the pot. Perhaps he will forgo his salary and hosting duties to enter the game as a contestant. Time will tell.
  6. symanticc

    I was so happy Russell lost Survivor 19. I jumped up and cheered. I don't see how he can possibly win heros versus villians if he does, I going to be really upset. The thing I wonder assuming it is is why did JT give his idol to a villain. It like they wanted to him make smart trying to get out what turns to the winner. I can't figure it out. It stills bothers me.
  7. symanticc

    How do you know it his bar and how do you know he owns part of a multimillion oil business. He apparently just got enough money to get his front teeth fixed and that's only $4000 to $5000. I will admt that on the other hand even if your getting an dental implant you don't have a tooth for a period of time.
  8. Your never going to convience me that Russell was smart enough to find the idols in 19 without some help.
  9. symanticc

    We're told Hantz believes the cops mistreated him during the incident -- and now he's considering taking legal action against the arresting officers. Roethlisberger's lawyer seems pretty good.
  10. symanticc

    All I am saying is I thought Rich was a sure loser and boy I was wrong. In fact I was so sure he lost that someone bought the winner on Ebay and said it was Rich.I was sure it was wrong. In my mind I could not accept it I don't want to make the same mistake and assume Russell lost because he was upset. In fact my J. Leroy Gibbs gut feeling because of this incident he has won. It does not mean he does, I just think he does. If you remember they came up with a voice analysis that this company did a voice analysis of waco stuff of the other survivors that supposely said Rudy won! You never know what is false planted and whats real.
  11. symanticc

    This sort of reminds me of Rich and the problems with his kid. I thought the fact Rich had problems after coming home from filming survivor meant there was no way Rich won but of course he did. I have no idea what happen with Russell but I would not conclude he lost and was upset and this is why this happened.
  12. Coby and Russell were the last two to swim off the platform. Colby told Russell about the plan. Russell said thanks I was going to be the next off and you saved me. Not exactly what was going to happen. Regarding the coffee. I don't remember but anyone could have found it. Parvati was specifically given the idol. I don't remember the chest I got to look that up.
  13. Well I surely am a conspiracist that's for sure, LOL. In fact I think Mike Shupkin burned were faked. He doesn't have any scars. I wonder about him catching a pig as well. I do remember that last year they got a phone that had the information about the location of the immunity idol.. So they all had an equal chance. I don't remember any other time when someone was specifically given the information. Can you give me an example?
  14. This appears to me to be scripted reality. Let's face Parvati was just handed the first immunity idol at the reward challenge. In every other case the entire tribe got the info. Why just Parvati this time? Just to make it interesting? Now everyone going to assume the idols are back, I can't wait to see what happens now.
  15. It must have been fixed by the survivor producer who now in Mexico and who is suspected of dumping his wife down the sewer! So far everyone on survivor and even big brother who has given away immunity is on a very short list to go home. The only exception is when Russell gave the immunity idol to Parvati. The Heroes were obviously clueless about that.
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