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  1. someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!
  2. APPLY! APPLY! I'm so ready for the 15th season to appear but can't wait for Season 16th and hopefully 17th. GO TAR! Amazing Race 16 Application Eligibility Requirements
  3. I hope there will be a 17 since 16 applications are out
  4. Big Brother 11 Website It's looking good and I see 12 houseguests!
  5. Robyn Kass Interview She reveals some secrets for Big Brother 11.
  6. I loved this show and I'm sad it has been canceled.
  7. BB11 Finalists Calls Made It's official. Best of luck to everyone who is trying out!
  8. Did anyone see the promo commercial yesterday? It was so exciting to see it and it got me so pumped for this upcoming season!
  9. One more day to submit your stuff. Hopefully everyone got their applications in by the Mon, May 4th deadline which is tomorrow. GO BIG BROTHER 11!
  10. 3 more new casting calls in: Virginia, Kansas, and Washington...go seattle haha More casting calls...
  11. Get those videos and applications mailed/turned in PEOPLE!!! APPLY, APPLY, APPLY! Big Brother 11 Application
  12. Henderson, NV just had a casting call and I hope it went well. Bloomfield, Michigan will have the last BB11 casting call of the year tomorrow April 20th. I know Dan (BB10 winner) will be in attendance and did a promo video for the casting call. Will anyone be there? Goodluck.

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