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  2. No offenice i am SO.... happy that they are gone! I love the last three teams and they are my favorite teams! They were so.... mean to Luke and luke didnt push him the first time that was so... their fault, he put his arm like that so he can get the clue and grab it and on his way out he acadently bumbed her, she was in the way. and they had no right to call him B****! I am just glad they are gone! OH and YAYA for Tammy and Victor that U- Turned them! You guys rock!
  4. I AGREE! She is a bionic woman! Ah... i dont think SO! SHE WILL BE IN THE NEXT LEG AND THE NEXT TILL THEY WIN!
  5. Yea, Suger and i dont find that funny at all..... Why are you even posting in here if yea hate them or something....
  6. Ok i don't know why Mike and Mel would say that and you?!?!! Margie works hard in what she dose and so dose luke He snaps at the driver because he is deaf! I know deaf people! I have family friends who are! And they cant speak well so the only way to get someones attention is by snaping,clapping, or making a sound to tell someone what to do if they cant sighn, TV Guide can say what they want but we dont know for sure she collapesed beacuse luke didnt want her to get water that is bull of TV Gulide he wouldnt do that and shame on you for saying he is a hyporctie, they guy just wants attention guezzz.....
  7. is she like un popular lol
  8. When did she refused an ambulance? I watched the eposide but didn't see that. I know she fainted and then was under a tent and had people fanning her and giving her water but i didnt see an ambulance????? REALLY? Where? When? Do you think they will be in the next leg or do you think they are going to say due to fainting Margie and Luke dropped out (that is what happens in reality shows sometimes) I HOPE NOT THOUGH THEY ARE MY FAV TEAM! IF THEY LEAVE I THINK I AM GONNA STOP WATCHING!
  9. I love this show! With all the New York Accents! I love everything New York escally the voices! This show brings me happness, and its not only because of there voices! It's a well done show it is one of my favoirte shows on tv other than Hells Kictchen,the nanny,and the Amazing Race.
  10. Linacutie9


    I love Twilght I can't wait for the next movie! I am keeping my eyes opened for the realse date! So I can force my guy to watch it with me again!
  11. I will totally check it out! I Luke and Margie! But Luke is so ahhh.... to die for he is so cute and lovable person and personality totally shows it! I hope Margie is ok and they can continue with the race! If they can't I will be sad!
  12. Yes I adore her, she is so brave and couragous She battled the fight against Overian Cancer! And she WON! She is a great insperation and a wonderful woman in real life. The Nanny is a pretty funny show once you get the whole plot and all you can have fun with it.
  13. How many people out there like Fran Drescher? I met Fran Drescher so I was just wondering I met her twice, had lunch and went to her events in Napa Valley,CA.
  14. Go Margie and Luke! Luke dose have a facebook I saw it, he also went to RIT collage. I also heard he works at Starbucks, I don't know why people are saying he is gay I don't think he is, on his facebook it's private so I don't know how those people and people "interviewing" him could know that. I have nothing against it if he is I support Gay Rights, but we can't automaticly asume without our own two eyes, meida can say so much to bring a person down or a team down, but even if he were to be gay I still love him, I am not gonna lie.Luke is so HOT! His mother Margie is bonic woman no doubt about that! People can say what ever they want but together Margie and Luke make a perfect team! They are my favorites and they will win, I can feel it already or at least in the final three. My friends family is deaf and he is such an inspration to them, Luke is a sweetheart and if there is an all star season of the Amazing Race Luke and Margie should totally come back as one of the teams!
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