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  1. I don't want Divya to go (and suspect she won't) but I don't want her to be 'with Evan', I prefer their 'tension'.
  2. l1zz1e


    darn! I stopped watching because the son told me he read it was cancelled. grrrrr
  3. l1zz1e


    I thought it had been cancelled?
  4. I agree, if he had been honest the jury would have respected his 'game play'. Also, his answer to Britney's ? about his biggest contribution to the Brigade should have been 'his sub-alliance with her'. Based upon the kind of work he does, I expected him to handle the jury ?'s better than he did.
  5. l1zz1e

    Memphis Beat

    Love it! can't believe that's the same guy that plays Earl ..... he sure can sing. I love that he loves his mamma.
  6. I'm still liking her and find her hilarious.
  7. not voting, but if I did it would be for Rachel because I don't like her, I'd hope it would mess up her game and cause problems with Brendon
  8. Will Kirby on Dr. 90210. I think Hardy also had a tv show, not sure how successful it was.
  9. I've tried everything. I can't keep trying as it interferes with other things I need to do online.
  10. lol, she's turning Lane into a mean girl ..... he's no Monet but he has potential!

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