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  1. omg i just saw this. dont get me wrong, i love guitar and i love heidi klum. but seeing together.. and like that? it's like blueberry cheesecake and pizza. i love them both but not together. maybe it's just me..
  2. this is about being pretty right? not knowing about their lives and their marriages, I would go with Angelina. Why? the eyes. although people notice her most for her lips, her eyes are exactly like her father's. Pretty and mesmerizing.
  3. smashing head? c'mon, they're doctors all around, why not? hehe.
  4. ChoHakkai

    House Bunny..

    i think it was from some of the same people behind legally blond. can't really blame them for using the same stuff, i liked both legally blond movies. reese witherspoon is a great actress, and despite her role in the movie, is really a very educated person.
  5. ChoHakkai

    The Mentalist

    if they named the show, the Deductionist? the observer? naw, these titles won't work either. they could have name the show, holmes. although he doesn't sport a hat and a pipe.
  6. agree, hi-definition for next season. though about the divorce part.. well, she might look horrible after a divorce. she's too nice to be devastated by something ugly like divorce.
  7. one, all-time? the butterfly effect. also dark city.
  8. better a long name than a number, i guess. "hey you, seven, come here!" hehe
  9. ChoHakkai

    The Mentalist

    yeah, i know what you mean. but i think the main problem in the show is patrick jane and him finding the serial killer, red john. so, if he finally finds him, what next? it's too early to end this great series.
  10. ChoHakkai

    The Mentalist

    yeah, no tension between the two. don't you find him similar to.. well, sherlock holmes? using deduction to solve stuff and crimes. that character is supposedly cold and calculating, but at sometimes, shows emotion and feelings. i think for simon baker's character to have relied so much on observation, it's to his best interest to hide his feelings as best as he can. love the show.
  11. i was referred to it by my boardmate. i was asking her what should i be watching. she said check out morty's. i thought it was a show then. hehe.
  12. hehe, tropic thunder's really fun. i can't wait for robert downey to appear as iron man again. when will they be releasing it anyway?
  13. ChoHakkai

    The Mentalist

    this is a great show. what happened to the discussion here? moved elsewhere? hmmm....
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