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  1. nawlinsgal ! It sounds like youre totally right!!! Oh my gosh. Im just trying to verify it right now. I was hoping to find something from youtube or whatnot that would totally you know just CLICK and then I would know for sure! Yeah I had no idea it was such a flash-in-the-pan short lived Nick show. That would explain people not remembering it! But everything you said sounds sooo true and I owe you such a debt of gratitude. Errr... now trying to find an episode or clip might be the next challenge...
  2. Not sure it was a Nick show... And Im pretty sure it wasnt FOCUSED on the zoo... Just had the occasional segment where they had these few kids at the zoo showing stuff off in between the main programming. Im certain it was in the 90s. That much im positive of. Thanks for the attempt
  3. Thank you everybody for viewing so far... Ive such far had no luck on any of the threads Ive attempted requesting this info.... so even if you read this and arent 100% sure... any tinsy bit of help would be appreciated. Like seriously... even if you think it was from Polka dot door or something... im not even so sure it was Nickelodeon anymore
  4. Okay so there was this show on nickelodeon, in the 90's, and it was filmed at the san diego zoo. For awhile, it was hosted by two kids named scott and jessica, but one of them was switched out, i think. It was about animals and my brother and i have been looking for it all day. We're thinking it may have just been a segment of another show but we cant find anything on google. Please somebody help us out if you know this we'd be ever so grateful
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