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  1. oh man! my DVR didn't record Dirty Sexy Money last time. Do you guys know if it will be on again on a different channel (like Listick Jungle on Bravo)? if not, i guess i'll have to watch it on ABC's site.
  2. i really liked the season premiere, but then after that... i got annoyed with all the extra plotlines again. i dvr'ed this week's and still haven't watched it yet. what do you think of this season so far?
  3. Did you guys see it last night? i'm really starting to like the show. the cast is awesome. i love the interactions between gene and sam.
  4. i really wanted to like this show, but couldn't! the acting is so bad. i do love it everytime Brenda and Kelly come on screen though... ahhh... 90210, such a huge part of my childhood...
  5. i LOVE Ab Fab! Who are playing Enda and Patsy? i hope the original! i wonder how Fox is going to translate the british humor...
  6. totally. I live in NYC, so I'm really looking forward to see how Life on Mars portraits it in the 70's. I really liked Men in Trees too, so am happy that Jason O'Mara is back on TV. oooh... so much tv to watch!
  7. aw man! i didn't get to watch Dirty Sexy Money last night, was busy. I did DVR it though. Going to watch it before i watch Grey's and Life on Mars tonight. it's going to be a good TV night! too much good TV, too little time!
  8. yeah, me too! i've been pretty disappointed with the new shows this season. but life on mars looks really interesting and i do love the awesome cast. looking forward to tonight!
  9. I watch it! IT'S AWESOME! OMG, the premiere was crazy! i totally didn't see the end coming when the cops came for you-know-who. I know they weren't coming for Patrick, but that just threw me off. Can't wait for tonight!
  10. Did you see the original BBC Life on Mars? Are you planning to watch the ABC remake tomorrow night? I wasn't going to at first because I didn't think anyone can improve on the BBC version. But after seeing some clips on YouTube, I changed my mind. Thoughts?

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