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  1. I hate that his family will see him come across in this light.
  2. Dan took the most risks so he deserves this money...Memphis took zilch.
  3. Keesha DESERVES this!...My fingers are numb from voting!
  4. I enjoyed it! Dan nor Mem ever claimed to be professional hosts. Would have loved to see some SH clips though...
  5. I just hope they throw in more snipits from the SH...
  6. A friend and fellow BBfan on a local forum hooked me up with the link.
  7. Especially with the Vneck shirts, lol, how gay...And to think he wants to open a clothing store for college students...
  8. They live near one another, so Memphis is afraid of running into her in town.
  9. <~~~~~~~~~~~~cracking up @ Lenray!
  10. Yes in Georgia...Heck I might even be one!
  11. Cecimom I think you nailed it!
  12. That is because they are all residing in Georgia... <sigh>
  13. I posted mine in the wrong thread I think. Sorry I'm a newbie here! My favorite was the contagious mass paranoia about Dan being a plant and Monica working for CBS...
  14. This season, my favorite scenes were the contagious mass paranoia clips that Dan was a plant and that Monica worked for CBS...Priceless! (Ollie and Michelle)
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