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  1. I must’ve missed that about Kat, Holly, and Jackson—got any deets?!
  2. I think the “good apps” all probably had the same prize, just worded in a different way to fit the name of the app, so no matter which one the winner picked, they still got exactly what production wanted them to get, if that makes sense lol
  3. Blah. I just cannot figure out how Paul was chosen to play again this season. Out of all the previous seasons' contestants, he was the special one...but...how? Why? I mean what was the criteria that he met? Did they ever explain why he was given a second chance, especially considering he just played last season, and also considering how well he did. I know they called him a fan favorite, but c'mon. A lot of the former contestants could be called that.
  4. At first, my husband and I both thought she was Kelli Goss, but to be fair, we had been binge watching The Ranch for the past three days lol
  5. Not sure where it is from, but I did hear once they get a lot from Ikea...anyway I found another pic for you. Good luck!
  6. It's just so boring to watch anymore because there are basically NO surprises on live eviction night. When's the last time we had a tie-breaker? When's the last time the votes were even close at all? It just seems in the earlier seasons, there was more excitement, more shock I guess. No "by a vote of 6 to 0" nonsense These recent seasons are all about friendships/groups/numbers and less about manipulating/lying/scheming. Houseguests on the block should be promising the moon to the others, making deals and flipping alliances, but it just seems like there is less and less of that with the new way of "playing"--where the house votes unanimously, people get offended by lying, everyone is friends etc. IDK if all that makes sense lol just rambling while I nurse my son.
  7. It's been a thousand and one years since I've posted, but I've been always lurking and reading. ;-) Anyway, the husband and I were doing dishes, cleaning up from dinner, etc last night and the television was on that truTV channel. We both swore we heard Donny talking, glance over to the tv and thought what is Donny doing on this show, went to sit down and see what show it was and realized it wasn't Donny (at least we're fairly certain it's not lmao!!) I can't find a useable clip of the episode (truTV's Top Funniest--episode Frolics and Follies) If you can get this to play, it's the first clip---public access television with the kung fu master :-) I swear their voices/tone/accents are identical! http://www.trutv.com/shows/trutv-top-funniest/full-episodes.html
  8. Unfortunately for Natalie, I think she will pay for her "15 minutes of fame" with a "lifetime of shame." Edited to reword my sentence.
  9. Just so the others don't kill me, I think I will claim you hypnotized me with your avatar. I swear, I can't keep my eyes off it. Something about it is just mesmerizing. Sort of like when Jeff was playing "Jesus, the yard boy" and was watering the garden shirtless
  10. Dang! I just knew I missed of few of ya'll Jeff lovers on that list SO sorry!! I was nursing my daughter, so I only went back a page or two to see who loves him most because it is getting harder to work the mouse and type now that my baby is getting more active--she wants to type her for Jeff too, I guess. -SRM (who is realizing how much fun the emoticons can be)
  11. The Infamous Short List (in no particular order so I don't get beat to death by these lovely people ) ElleNaturelle Marty Joyami Slowpoke Jordan
  12. LOL That's exactly what my husband said. I was like wth is JC wearing tonight, and he said it looked like she's trying to sell Snuggies.
  13. I wasn't too sure, but I think this was referring to Jessie telling the JH about Natalie's real age.
  14. Sorry for the repost then. It's been a crazy runaround weekend with all the holiday cookouts, and I had tons of pages that I missed, and did not get around to backtracking to catch up. Does anyone have a pic of Jason? He reminded me of someone, and I want a second look, but I've already deleted BB from my dvr.
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