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  1. I hope the votes go that way SovFan... one last FU for April, Ollie and Jerry in that they don't even get to pick the winner... well, except maybe Jerry who's always "picking winners".
  2. We can only hope that once the cameras are turned off, they will all get the severe beatings they so richly deserve.
  3. James was a complete moron. If he hadn't been ridiculously over-aggressive, Howie would never have put him up, and the NH wouldn't have won. James brought down the entire SOV with his pathetically sloppy attempts at double-dealing. He then played the exact same stupid strategy in all-stars and found another early exit.
  4. I finally figured out who Michelle reminded me of after this episode: She even drinks like a Klingon. I doubt there's any blood wine left for the other guests at the jury house.
  5. Memphis said they should sleep on it before deciding whether to vote out Keesha or Jerry, but I still have a hard time seeing him vote out Keesha.
  6. I think they'd actually have a better chance against Jerry than Keesha in any comp that wasn't physical, and Dan should have no trouble beating Keesha anyway in the endurance portion of the final HOH. Jerry has performed much better than Keesha in competitions, and Keesha seems frazzled while Jerry actually seems more focused now that he isn't wasting time badmouthing the house with his "friends". Also, they have to consider the consequences of the person they keep making F2, and Jerry would get A/O/Mi automatically, and probably Keesha and Renny as well as punishment for voting out Keesha (at least that's true for Memphis, who is the one who gets to decide). Keeping Keesha seems to be overwhelmingly the better choice, though I have to applaud Memphis for at least considering what would be the best move strategically instead of just automatically making the easy personal choice and dumping the old, booger-coated bastard. or ?
  7. Hindsight is 20/20. It's entirely possible, if not probable, that there is no combination of actions within her capacity that would have resulted in her winning.
  8. Gustav wasn't a Katrina, not even close. They'll get by fine without Renny.
  9. I think the taking of Ollie's manhood will stand the test of time even more than Jerry's much-needed bath. Something good that I fear may be forgotten was Ollie's double-take when April said Keesha was jealous of her because April was prettier.
  10. April will never vote for Memphis. He won a car, dammit. A CAR!!! By the time the jury votes, it will be worth over $200,000. And of course, Ollie would never dare cross April, so he'll vote the other taker of his manhood.
  11. I don't see Dan winning votes from Keesha and Memphis if he boots them over Jerry.
  12. What terrible luck for Jerry that he controls all the jury votes but not a single person in the house
  13. It's funny now that we know Renny is going.
  14. I liked the show even though it was a lot of recap because I was still interested in all the DR stuff. JMHO
  15. As long as a combination of Jerry and Keesha winning POV and HOH (or Jerry wins POV and Memphis wins HOH) doesn't occur, Dan and Memphis will make F3.
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