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  1. echo

    Still my favorite BB site going back to season 3 (I think). 

  2. echo

    According the rumors flying around, you picked up by Dog the Bounty hunter for failing to show up to court on 24 warrants of celebrity stalking. Is this true? ;)

  3. echo

    I saw those pics of you and Brechel. How long have you been stalking them? Camping out in their front yard? Following the around as are shopping at Walmart... ;)

  4. echo

    I'm back. Been rotting in jail for celebrity stocking crimes I, I swear, I never committed.

  5. Morty's says you're going to be banned for because you your are a known stocker of b-list celebrities and wann-a-be reality TV stars

  6. Currently in jail for stalking reality TV celebrities and B-list TV actors who were once famous child actors.

  7. echo

    Come back, place not the same without you. Hope you get out of jail sometime soon. I told you to you should have stopped stocking Dustin "Screech" Diamond.... ;)

  8. echo

    I was going to write a very long comment, but my cat is demanding that I open up a can of tuna for him, so I shall have to save comments for later. Tuna comes first. :)

  9. echo

    Aren't you dead yet! :)

  10. echo

    Nice website! :)

  11. echo

    Have another Great day!

  12. echo

    Have a great day!

  13. echo

    People with cats are cool

  14. Thanks for all the great info

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