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  1. Hi everyone! First post of the season for me since I'm not watching the feeds this year. I had high hopes for Audrey. I also thought it seemed a little soon for her to do something so public so soon after her transition. But CBS is trying to ride the transgender train and get ratings, so let's put her on. Reading the updates, I noticed that she keeps talking about getting Ativan. I wonder how many doses she's taken because she shouldn't be able to cry. That's the point of the med - to calm you down quickly and make you numb. The not being able to remember things could be the Ativan too, but it's more than likely because when you continually lie, it's hard to remember what you said.
  2. She wasn't going into jury. And they didn't have fly them in from anywhere since she lives in that area. On the double eviction show that Ariana showed up for, Jocasta went out first and then Hayden. Ariana showed up in case Frankie went out on the second (double) eviction. She wanted to be there for him. Jury members have always been sequestered and not allowed access to the outside world. The BS that Julie was throwing out there last week on The Talk about how Ariana was low key and slipped in after the lights went down and blah blah blah.... Hayden saw her and even commented that she threw some shade his way. The fact is that CBS is playing to the tween crowd on this one. And it's working. Most of Ariana's fans had never even heard of Big Brother. And for the most part they won't watch next year. So look for another "sibling" to show up for BB 17.
  3. Frankie is really working Cody for a vote with all his tales of fame (Ariana's of course).
  4. Who do find more annoying? Caleb the Clueless who still does not understand how this whole thing works. Frankie the Fakie who continues to talk about all the fame he will have. It's times like right now that the feeds are: Cameras 1 and 2 Frankie squealing like a fame whore about God knows what.... his voice is like a high pitched whistle that calls dogs.... Cameras 3 and 4 Caleb rambling on about final four and America's Player being one of the final four and just not grasping the BB concept. I think the feeds came back on after they taped the eviction to get them to final four last year. That's what I've seen posted (with You Tube videos) because I cancelled the feeds last year.
  5. You completely nailed it. I've known several actors and their families over the years and they just lived life like everyone else. But there are a few that are just looking for the spotlight. It's a completely different world these days. As an owner in a business, I know how important it is to have the right endorsements.
  6. That's what I said a few weeks ago when he was up against Jocasta. Jocasta went to jury and BB knew that whoever was voted out would go to jury. Ariana was in the audience and then took pictures with people. She said she wanted to be there because of their grandfather just dying. So do we really all believe that CBS wouldn't have let them talk to each other.
  7. I think that it's one of the producers - Rich. I seem to remember someone saying something about it one year.
  8. I saw the episode. Julie did NOT diss Ariana. In fact she told everyone how wonderful she is. Julie said that she is anything but a diva. Then she tweeted something about hey Ariana don't listen to the haters. BB fans on Twitter were incensed!
  9. Back in the 80's when I was in prep school, there were two types of girls there. 1. Smart ones with parents that wanted them to get into good colleges to have great careers. (that's me btw) 2. Not so smart girls with wealthy parents that wanted them to be able to learn how to spot a guy from a rich family when she goes to a good college. It's important for her to marry well so that she is taken care of in life. (I know several that were on this prep school plan) Explaining Victoria to my mother, she said " oh like so and so(s) from prep school getting a rich husband." Yup Mom, you nailed it! But since she hasn't found Mr. Right in Miami or NYC, she's trying Big Brother to spread her reach.
  10. Ditto on this. She needs to get clothing in her correct size.
  11. Please explain to me what the heck Caleb is talking about when he says that "4 guys that haven't ever done this in this game" is. I'm at a complete loss. In my mind the only thing these idiots have done is not nominate Derrick AT ALL.
  12. I'm watching the feeds now. The lights are on. And Caleb is sleeping with Frankie. I'm glad you asked this question because I was going to ask why, especially with all the open beds now, do Caleb and Frankie always share that HOH bed?
  13. Didn't you know that Ariana's entourage suddenly became Frankie's entourage?
  14. Please correct me if I am wrong..... Has there been a season where the house guests sang this far into the season? I am so sick of the cuts to fish constantly. I don't remember it being this bad. Ever.
  15. I'm glad someone said something about Ariana being in the audience for the first Double Eviction. Had Frankie been evicted, he would have gone into jury. What was she there for? I thought that once they head to jury that they are under the same rules as being in the house and therefore would not have had a chance to talk to one another. She's not tweeting about him much lately. Is she distancing herself from him? I'd be pretty pissed off if I worked so hard (I am assuming she's been working hard) to get to this point in her career. And then to have her brother talking about all her accomplishments as if he were the one doing the work, would piss me off. Sibling or not, be happy for them and make your own way in the world. That's why I can't stand him. That and all the other stuff.....



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