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  1. It's BB time once again! I'm excited to get started.

  2. Can't get into chat! It says I don't have access. WTH??

  3. Turn on The Talk! Big Brother is in the house. ;)

  4. Turn on The Talk. Julie is talking about Willie's blowout.

  5. Dr. Will and Boogie on The Talk!

  6. Welcome back!! Nice to see you returned for another season of BB!!

    Go Big Blue!!

  7. Hi!! How's the unpacking? Are you busy making your new nest all comfy? I think about you daily and hope you aren't overdoing it. :)

  8. I'm SO happy for you!! Congrats on the new home!


  9. I get the biggest kick out of your posts! It's always great to have people around who have such positive energy and make others smile. :)

  10. You're right on target about the Fairness Doctrine. :)

    I come from a family of journalists so I admire that it was your profession.

  11. I'm getting that reaction a lot! rofl

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