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  1. I like all the houseguests this season, yes bbad is a lot of fluff, but at least it is entertaining, to me anyways haha. They are doing a cooking contest tonight. Tickles me .
  2. Red (Arthur) is 41, married and a father. Red is a handyman, farmer, moonshiner, home builder and natural medicine man. He is from Cecilia, Ky. ''I like hunting, I like fishing, I llike my knives, I like shooting guns and I've lived off the grid for ten years. There's no electric line to the property and there ain't no water lines coming to the property. I can fix about anything.'' ''I can do things they say can't be done. I'm all for sexual freedom if somebody wants do to something more power to them. I don't want your lifestyle or anybody else's lifestyle forced upon me either. There's no shame in my game, this is Red world you know I'm saying.'' "I'll be your Hillbilly MacGyver and your go-to guy," says Kentucky Red, who won't tolerate fools in Utopia. "I can fix just about anything," he says. "But there ain't no fixin' stupid."
  3. Jonathan is a pastor and high school coach. His habitat of origin is Church Hill, Tenn.This 45 years old married men can build, hunt and fish. He is also the father of two kids. ''I'm a pastor in the community. I want an opportunity to share the message that I'm sharing locally to as many people as I can. God is no longer at the center of our society. A society that's gonna succeed needs to have God at the center of it.'' ''What I would like to see accomplished with the social experiment is to show folks that you can come together with differences. Put those differences aside and work together. There are times where diplomacy don't get the job done. You have to do whatever it takes. I love a challenge. I'm very competitive. I think that I could survive and be a great asset to those around me as we build that society that we all wanna call Utopia.'' "When I go to Utopia, God goes to Utopia," proclaims Jonathan, who hopes to build a church and baptize his fellow Utopians.
  4. David Green, a.k.a. '5'th Avenue' is a 34 years old single homeless and unemployed cast member. His habitat of origin is San Diego. His skills: Sales; hustling; amateur barbering; smooth-talking. ''As a child, my childhood was pretty chaotic. You know, I was a foster child from the age of three till about seventeen and my mom did drugs for like fifteen years. I got involved with the wrong kind of people and I went to prison for a burglary, a non-violent burglary. Thank God nobody got hurt. The wisdom and the knowledge that I've gained in these experiences is what makes me an asset this day. For me Utopia is like a clean sleeve. I get to display to the world the best characteristics of me. The best part about David.'' ''I would like my Utopia to be a place where everyone cohesively works for the edification and cultivation of the unit.'' "On paper, I'm written off," says 5th Avenue Dave, a former drug dealer and burglar who's been in and out of jail since 17. "I wanna show the world that ex-convicts and felons can make a change."
  5. I NEED a gif of Red jumping up and down hollering.. KISS MY ASS !!!!
  6. Button pushed almost immediately ! I seen a tweet on the BBAD that tickled me.. something like , should have dropped them into the hunger games and May the HOH be forever in your favor... loooool
  7. In my opinion Christine was booed for her behavior with Cody, although her husband may have played it off somewhat in his interview. He still expressed he didn't care for her actions with Cody and also Tim was funny and seemed really nice.
  8. Can BBAD be any more boring... Gawd these lousy houseguests just waking up at this time.. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. Backdooring Frankie would not have been what is best for Caleb's game {hard to type backdooring frankie without giggling, sounds like a porn movie). It would have been what is best for Cody's game though...
  10. I just watched Frankie's solo BOB ! He kicked azz! I am so happy he is safe for the week!
  11. He has great game, my favorite house guest this season.
  12. So disappointed Nicole was not evicted, even more so now she has won a chance to be the hoh after the BOTB. Sickening to see everyone kissing her azz . Ugh!
  13. Ooh would be interesting if Rupert had to battle his wife in RI. teehee
  14. It was crazy how much colton controlled his season of survivor until he went home sick. In a way reminds me of Amanda of this seasons BB.
  15. I bet they would be the first to say they are sluts !
  16. They might as well recruit from the cast of The Bad Girls Club and The Tool Academy, and oh yes Please let the "no violence" clause be thrown out the window and watch them battle it out for 90 days .
  17. I think it is slut talk instead of dude talk. Sluts commonly refer to the state of their bits in front of men when they want the men to be thinking about said bits. I speak in general of course, but i think it applies in this case.

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