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  1. If a guy in the house were to grab and rub the women of the house's breasts when they didn't want him to they would be in some deep shit with production. Unwanted sexual advances would not be tolerated. So why is it that Frankie is allowed to grab other guys "junk" when he knows damn well they are either married or straight. If I were in the houe and he did that to me (I'm straight) he would get one very polite warning. If it happened a second time production could not get thru the walls fast eneough before I squeezed his eyes out of his head like a champane cork. 


    Just sayin.....

    There would be no such warning from me...By the time production got to me, freakies nads would be forever useless...

  2. :cheers:

    No comment about Howard? Was he that easily forgettable? :dontgetit:

    You want a quote about howard? How bout the hand job candice gave him?

    So I didn't hear Elissa say horrible things about the other houseguests? Hmmmm I think she bashed them just as much to anyone that would listen to her. I think the other hg's are horrible too but she is not innocent of this. She did win when she needed to and kept her word. Don't get me wrong I ended up rooting for her and not understanding the mentality of the others for not wanting to go against the house. What a bunch of crap. I was watching some old Dr Will episodes yesterday ahhhhhh the good old days when this show was fun and you wanted to tune in just to see what the hell they were going to do next. These hg's are a pale imatation of some really great BB seasons.

    I ended up rooting for her too, but by then it was too late, she was out the door the next episode...


    I love those things, except for the green...

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