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  1. Has anyone notified CBS that they can go ahead and send the jury home because skankie will single handily pick who wins?
  2. Mine went to Donny and I have my timer set to remind me to vote each day...
  3. It pisses me off that this lil freak got special treatment with an audience that did not boo it's ass into obscurity...
  4. Skankie will scream like a sissy...Skankie will regret it most...Want Cody to win HOH...
  5. I don't like this girl at all, BUT...Since the guy's did not have the balls to put up skankie and get it out of the house...I'm hoping she can pull out a miracle and win the whole damn thing...
  6. LOL...I was going to bring up those ridiculously tacky ears of his, but decided I better not...
  7. If her husband had any sense he would dump her...Saw her on AD last night laying with Cody rubbing on him with her hand...That is nothing but disrespect for her hubby and shows what a low life she is...Zing Bot got it right...
  8. Would love too, but I find this season extremely boring...I quit recording AD after 1 1/2 weeks...
  9. On after dark last night I heard freakie talking about a lawyer and his mom...Something about he was told not to speak without the lawyer...What was that about? I was busy doing facebook and wasn't really listening...
  10. There would be no such warning from me...By the time production got to me, freakies nads would be forever useless...

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