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    Kath & Kim

    Has anyone watched this? Doesn't seem like it has generated any excitement on this site even though it was nominated for a People's Choice. Admittedly, the Australian version rocked, but this does have some pluses. Got to love John Michael Higgins.
  2. I saw a commercial for a show called Shadow Force on History Channel. Does anyone know anything about this? There's not a lot of info on-line. It looks like para-military groups go into hostile countries and neutralize messed up situations. Looks cool. Real life GI Joe stuff.
  3. How is Allison Sweeney going to juggle DOOL and Biggest Loser now that she is pregnant? That's a lot of work. They can write it into the Days script, but Biggest Loser...? The season starts this month.
  4. Actually, I think the new show id pretty watchable; was surprised by the intensity of the Eliminator and Rocketball. The drawback is most of the Gladiators posture way too much and the remarks from the contenders are painful With that said, I found this hysterical spoof of Titan "doing" the Bill O' Reilly meltdown. I guess they aren't as one dimentional as they appear to be.

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