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  1. Now I'm really sad we as BB fans will have to wait a year to see BB again .. I know that many thought it was to much having a winter season of BB but i'm not one of them I wish BB would do a winter show but i don't think it's gonna happen ...
  2. Come on everyone lets not be hard on BB i'm sure it was an honest mistake.. I'm sure BB will do what is necessary to make it right...
  3. I hope they do have a winter BB as one person said in there post a year with out BB is a long time and a lot of us will go thru some serious BB withdraw and i'm one of them...hehehe But as much as i love BB i wish they would have a Teen BB like the UK did it's something that's never been done here on BB and i think it would be something worth watching.. I would say take teens 18 and 19 years old..
  4. Hey everyone : I'm so glad that Big Brother 10 will be coming on soon. I noticed that many complain about the things that go on during the show but hey lets not forget this is a REALITY show and for those of you who seem to have forgot what reality means try looking it up. Big Brother is a awsome show and I hope it don't change all of us watch the live feeds knowing that the HG's have potty mouths and that some may fool around but dang people they are human with needs just like us all i mean dang if i was locked up in that house for 3 months i'd be wanting to fool around to. So people please stop acting like the show is so bad because you and I both know it's awsome that's why we watch it on T.V , the live feeds and read the updates on here so please stop with the Holier Than Thau act that some of you put on we all love the show and what we see on it ...
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