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  1. I know the Knicks Dancers were nominated this year for this video clip of Kelly dancing with them, and she is actually pretty good considering she only practiced for a month for it. http://blogs.msg.com/themonitor/2009/09/18...ly-relly-award/ I dont have a list tho
  2. Does anyone know who this years nominees are??
  3. It was a fun ride. Nothing is perfect like the continuity issues her but it was a fun ride none the less.
  4. ArterialSpray

    Vantage Point

    Yeah I was irked that I sat through this. See it online or on video but not in theaters.
  5. ArterialSpray


    This movie was awesome, some people wh read the book didn't like it. To them I say, stay out of the theater.
  6. ArterialSpray

    Gone Baby Gone

    I never felt terribly compelled to see it.
  7. ArterialSpray

    Iron Man

    I'm going to see it this weekend
  8. forties? really? i woulda thought moreso towards thirties.
  9. I've been lookin forward to this for a while as well. They filmed some of it near my cousin's apartment in Brooklyn too.
  10. big shoes and a big suit to fill as well
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