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  1. Couldn't you just make your own? lol
  2. Anything Big Brother would be great. lol I think that they should have the live feeds on tv all the time. The BB channel.. Don't they do that in the UK? Do you play the sims? I know a lot of people do a "Big Brother" situation sometimes with their simmies. Not that I have though. lol
  3. I don't think Jonathan is a bad looking man. I didn't like him much to begin with, but he really grew on me over a couple of seasons.
  4. I loved this season. There were so many good people to root for. Oh, and didn't Sandra make it to the end by accident? lol I can barely remember her either. I think Jeff Probst called her and Lil the worst final two ever.
  5. Parv and Nat are hot? How do you figure? I just don't see it.. lol I'm pretty much terrified of Natalie.
  6. She definitely would have won over Cirie. And I don't like Parv, but she wasn't a floater. She had a clear strategy and a clear game plan and she saw it through to the end. But I was cheering Ozzy on giving her an earful.
  7. I really loved this season of Survivor. I got to see some of my favorite people ever play and some of the fans (Jason and Erik) I really liked too. I really wanted Amanda to win. I think if she'd taken Cirie, she would have been respected more by the Jury and could have pulled out the win. I think they would have voted for her more because of her physical ability. And at least she could show emotion instead of grinning like an idiot about everything like somebody. I'm sorry but I still don't like Parvati. And I do think Cirie deserved final two. I think she even deserved to win. There are many ways to play Survivor and her way was just as good as any of them. Natalie is weird.... Hmm.. Natalie from Survivor was weird and Natalie from Big Brother was weird.... Maybe it's something about Natalies? Ozzy and Amanda.. Sooooo cute! I didn't like Ozzy making fun of Denise though, that was kinda mean. I like Denise. Those two on the AR would be awesome! I'm glad James won the 100k, but I would have been happy if Amanda/Ozzy/Jason/Erik would have won it too. There were just so many good people to root for. I noticed that Joel was just disgusting. I kinda liked him on the show, but his attitude was just stupid. You could tell he was there just because of his contract. But I'd probably be a little pissed off if the only footage they ever showed of me was being a total ass. And I noticed that Jonny Fairplay gave his daughter the name of "Fairplay" instead of his real last name. Is that even legal... Who else........ Erik. Such a loveable guy. I wish he could have another go at Survivor. Is it really ending? Can't wait for next season. Who will the cast be? Will there be any previous Survivors? They should do an ultimate survivor for the final one. Have all of the old favorites on. [/ramble]
  8. Thanks for the list! I'll be sure to look at them sometime. I've looked at James and Natalies, and of course Evel's last season.
  9. Just kidding! I really do like Amanda, and don't think she looks like a horse.
  10. Hate James? How could anyone hate James? lol
  11. I appreciate the updates soo much. I have dial up and can't watch the feeds. *sigh* So I read Morty's religiously.
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