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  1. Andy: "They're not doing any challenges catering to me-- Like standing there and punching a button." Heeehee...that would be my kind of challenge too!
  2. You know...I can just hear Jeremy and Aaryn once they get out of the housing saying that this is really NOT who they are and that's is the shows fault for portraying them this way. I seriously can't see either of these two taking ownership of anything they did or said even though they were watched by many many people 24/7 without any editing at all.
  3. This guy drives me crazy. Having any Native American ancestry is something to be proud of but I honestly don't get the feeling that he chooses to acknowledge his ancestry for that reason at all. Seriously, all the stereotypical native things he says just sound silly and he needs to quit with the 'hand to the mouth' noise. I have some very close friends that are Mi'kmaq and in all the years I have known them they have yet to say or act at all like Jeremy does. I think it is just something he uses for attention only...and he only seems to pull it out when he is being aggressive. And with ha
  4. Ok...this guy just oozes massive a**holery (yes, that is a word!), sliminess, sleazbaginess and I can keep going on and on and on. How can anyone even want to spend any time around this guy?? Oh...and another thing about this guy...he needs to quit putting off his disgusting actions to just being a kid. Seriously?? What planet is he living on??? You are no longer a kid at 23 and you are completely responsible for the consequences of your own actions.
  5. Yeah...I don't understand why she is so paranoid. What is making her think the entire house is out for her??
  6. Wow...I don't think I have ever seen anyone quite as delusional as this girl. Mind blowing.
  7. "Intelligent people don't use the "F" word 6 times in a simple sentence...." I read this somewhere while reading all the posts and it has totally stuck with me. What a true statement. I do swear some...but I am 37 years old and have never ever sworn around my parents or at work. Nor do I feel the need to fill my sentences with swear words...it just sounds disgusting and uneducated. It is also one of the biggest arguments I am currently having with my sons...all teenagers (16-19). They seem to think that swearing is just an acceptable thing because all of their friends swear and so do their
  8. I totally second that Sugar.
  9. Oh yeah...I am looking forward to having him back on the show. He seriously makes me laugh out loud and hide my face and cringe and yell at the TV...almost all in 1 single episode. Totally entertaining. heehee
  10. I love me some Rob and am SO glad to get to watch him again!! I hope he gets Russell's *ss kicked out of their right away.
  11. Oh wow...this just made my day. sigh...drool...sigh....
  12. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this team and I really hope they make it all the way to the end.
  13. I am not feeling any love for these 2 at all...most of my dislike is directed at him tho.
  14. I really like these 2 so far. The watermelon incident really sealed the deal. I serioulsy can not imagine what it would feel like to get a water melon smack in the face...ouch. Then she gets up and finishes the challenge and then had me laughing at her while they were running to Phil. I can't feel my face....I can't feel my face....I can't feel my face. She is one tough cookie.
  15. Ok...so when they both thought their biggest challenge during the race would be their communication they should have put their combined stupidity. OMG...I was laughing so hard at these 2 last night. I kept thinking they can't really be that bad can they? And then the next words out of their mouth would totally prove me wrong. lol!!
  16. Oh...this guy is an idiot and I hate that he is safe this week.
  17. I think that she is maybe trying to fool us with the whole "I am a chemist thing". I seriously do not think that is possible unless she got her degree out of a cracker jack box. I am so not like her so far...everything annoys me. I don't have an issue with ditzy people but I do have an issue with smart people purposely acting so stupid and taking it way too far.
  18. Even though she totally sucked at the comp I really like her but I do hope she doesn't suck at all the comps. Then I will start wondering about cops. I remember the 2 on TAR and how stupid I initially (and sorta still do) thought they were and now here she is.
  19. I think he is too stupid to be the mole.
  20. I am rather surprised at myself but I really find that I like her! The slippery weiner line was awesome...too funny! There is just something about her that I like so she is on my like list right now and I hope she stays there.
  21. Yeah...I thought she would be a total diva but so far so good...yet it's still early in the game and her true side will no doubt shine sooner than later!
  22. ...3 more sleeps...can't wait!!

  23. I am not liking this guy at all. He is going to annoy the crap out of me this season!
  24. Woohoo...bring on Eric's butt!! I am all for that...it sure is a nice one to look at.

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