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    TV, playing games with my step sons, watching them play hockey, reading, anything computer related...truthfully...if it doesn't involve housework I am in!!

About Me

I am Canadian...born and raised in the East but I have lived out West for the last 11 years. I am in good ol' Saskatchewan now and loving it! I am married, 5 years but been together for 11. I have 3 stepsons, a german shepherd and a cat. I LOVE all things TV. I am a total TV junkie but I also love my computer, my books and all of my games...video and board games. The family that games together stays together...lol!! Well, so far it seems to be working for us. Our boys still like to spend their Friday and Saturday nights with us watching movies, playing board games and just hanging out. We love it and hope it continues to last as they get further into their teen years.

I work full time as an Office Manager for a software development company...it is the best job I have ever had and I have fantastic bosses. This makes it so much nicer to wake up every morning and get ready for work. Our weekends are usually full of watching the boys play football, hockey and whatever else they have on the go...all time in between this is spent on TV and games. I think I should really hire a housekeeper...lol!

I was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago and have had some major ups and downs but right now I am doing fairly well. My family takes great care of me. My husband went out and bought us the Wii Fit and I must say that thing is fabulous...I am loving it. My middle name is Klutz, I have always been a klutz and the MS has not helped that out at all. I have zero coordination but since I have started using the Wii fit (about 1 month now) I have noticed a huge difference in my balance. It's great to have something that you can actually work out on in the privacy of your own home and I find myself being very consistent with it...I am not worried about people staring at me all the time because I fall so much!

I am so happy I found this board, it is great coming here and being able to keep up with my shows and reading other peoples thoughts and opinions.

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