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  1. Well gonna start by saying its been 4 and a half years but I'm back baby. But i just finished reading a really good action sci-fi novel called Helix. By Eric Brown.
  2. I would sorta like to see and hear what Michael has to say when someone plays back the clip for since he has forgotten even saying anything.
  3. They are not actually being told who everyone came into the house with, just that they came in with someone else. So unless the HM open up and say who they came in with everyone will just be speculating.
  4. Actually they are only going to be told that everyone came into the house with a pair but then most already have this figured out the challenging delema will be after Julie tells them about the million dollars for if a pair make it to the end. (this is just my take but I think the winner no matter what will get the million as BB last secret of the summer).
  5. I think the best way to scary the house guest is to put up both Howie and Janelle for eviction. And change the nominations at the veto ceremony.
  6. Well I could be completely wrong. I could have swore I heard something, but then I could have just tangled up words. Althou that they only don't know how much more the prize is, just that portions makes me think I am correct.
  7. I am absolutely positive she mentioned that the winner got the million no matter what, as part of there summer of secrets.
  8. This is just my take but I would almost assume that they are going to put the double meaning of the the word safe to use for at least one of those gold safes.
  9. No I don't know what would have happen, its ripples in a pond. Eric may have tried to start something. Eric may have succeeded in starting something, who knows he may have even finished it to. But to my standards there wasn't the physical contact to warrent Erics or Michael being asked or kicked out of the house.
  10. House Calls did discuss the situation, when it becomes an archived episode I do suggest people watch it. It was intriguing and interesting. I missed the first few minutes, but they did mention how they felt that it was Eric's doing, how he had been building up to the momment slowly over time. The petitions were discussed. They thought they were ok thing to do, althou they feel that it is Big Brothers final decision, and how they will take action when they feel they need to. They discussed harrassment not only during the Eric Michael speel but with Howie and Beau. The comment that was made was about Beau humping Kaysar on the couch while he was resting/ sleeping. Also Marcellas suggests that there should be a petition to lengthen house call to an hour
  11. I just have to jump in here and say even if Eric instigated the whole thing, the fact from what little clips I have watched. Eric never got the chance to touch Michael. The only person to due any physical abuse was Kaysar pushing Michael away. You had Howie blocking Erics path with Ivetta Tramp on his arm trying to hold him back. Eric and Michael never made any sort of physical contact that I SAW
  12. Julie mentioned during Thursdays episode that even if a pair does not make it to the final two. The Winner still gets the Million $$
  13. I sorta prefer this here pic My caption to go with it ... We welcome you to Evictionland, Tra la la la la la la From now on (Eric) you'll be history. You'll be history, you'll be history, you'll be history. And we will glorify your name. You will be a bust, be a bust, be a bust In the Hall of Shame!
  14. I totally agree Kristen should come back, I however am thankful that they have the current Belle, (i believe its Martha) there first choice that only lasted one episode was so 90 times worth then Martha. She would have made a better Jan Spears.
  15. I don't completely agree, I do feel that it is there house and that they should be the ones duing the evicting, but then I have watched a fair amount of the feeds of Big Brother 3 Australia. The housemates due to the nominating and then its up to the viewers. It changes the game aspect to how you play. You are then playing for those watching the feeds and episodes, with out the alliances and backstabbing. I find it quite enjoyable watching their feeds.
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