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  1. This is most likely correct. why would any one give up 1/2 a million. also think if you had to write this show, you couldn't really write it much better then it has played out. tracy wins all 3 awards, the giant wheel just happens to stop for her winning the ticket. and she isn't voted off. could you write the first 3 shows any better.
  2. I think you are seeing tracy with rose covered glasses. No one made her get the 2 lb advantage, in fact she DID NOT EVEN ASK HER PARTNER. then after jillian talks to her for an hour she eats cupcakes. NO ONE ELSE TALK TO JILLIAN FOR AN HOUR.but even after that she eats cupcakes, and was 1 of only 2 people to eat any. This women is insane. with the worst game plays I have ever seen. Hope she goes soon.
  3. Where did you get this info on the apprentice? do you have a link?
  4. jeff jumped the shark a few seasons ago.I know many people would complain if jeff left, then people would compare the two. but really jeff is done. now with the one challenge per show, they need to pick it up. Maybe they could look at amazing race great start to this season on the amazing race/.
  5. Whats up with the one challenge per show this season? Also , time for jeff to step aside, need a new host.
  6. week 1 = one person eliminated. week 3 = two people, 1 team gone. So what is the format this year?
  7. tracy must be the stupidest person on the show. the trainer talks to her for an hour , a FREAKIN HOUR. then she eats cupcakes. LIke wow how dumb do you gotta be.
  8. Great show. What a great season opener, maybe the survivor producers could take some notes. The game show challenge was great. a couple eliminated right at the start, priceless. cant wait for next week
  9. Well I do not like how so much of the show is dedicated to him. I am glad that he has really watched the show, he knows the game. He isn't just some hot girl who was in the bar and got on the show. so sick of that. But two shows in and we still have not got to know all the players.
  10. Hey ., I just finished watching hells kitchen and the biggest loser is starting so I came on here to read about the show, and BOOM theres a spoiler in my quote telling me no one was eliminated. you really shouldn't have wrote that.
  11. This guy needs to go. We just had a season where we saw coach, coach coach. Season one had no evil villian. this guy got so much air time, we didn't even get to see some of the people. we never saw either team struggle with water fire food, we never saw the camps. i don;t need to watch a whole season with a single main character. I hope this guy is gone next but the way he is bringing his team down i dont think that will be. looks like a long boring season. this show was so much better when it didnt focus on one person and we got to learn more about each player.
  12. Shelia is such a loser. She just kisses any bodys ass, and her saying her ex is gonna beat up James. OMG shes 45 talking about her ex beating some one up.
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