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  1. Gnat pretty bad at this ball roll game right now. Jordan much better. (wonder how long it will take for Gnat to figure out how to cheat at the game)
  2. Allowing Kevin to stand sideways just unfair but since they let it go too late now. Gnat letting go of key and only holding rope not once but at least on two occassions should be called. WE REVIEWED THE TAPES AND HAVE DISQUALIFIED NATALIE TO THIRD PLACE. Just the joy of watching her meltdown would salvage the season for me. Kevin at this point is most deserving. Just wished he was not so small minded with all the snide personal comments. And to be totally non PC he did well on two comps (this last one and hot chocolate) by being ahem, um, er, light on his feet.
  3. 11:22 AM BBT Al still sleeping (sadly this is better than them being awake at this point-sedate them til Thursday?)
  4. 7:45 Natalie going over HOH comp with K like she was right there with him all the way (IMO she threw it to keep her hands unbloodied).
  5. OK unless I missed it, J/J still think Gnat is 18 right? M/R should go to J?J right now and say Gnat would never lie to you right? She's not 18 and she will deny deny deny and so will Kevin. Then have J/J call a house meeting and sandbag her a**.
  6. 9:03 BBT All HG sleeping (after last few nites who would want to wake them!)
  7. 9:30 AM BBT All 4 cams on Jesse sleeping (must control my excitement at this riveting scene)
  8. 9:23 BBT Feeds say HGs are playing a game that will remain secret until Lydia blabs I mean until the next live show.
  9. I think he puts up K AND L hoping to keep the Ronnie blood off his hands. He then says he wants to backdoor Ronnie hoping his side wins POV and he can say I am honoring the POV's choice. If that doesnn't work AC will take care of Ronnie.
  10. Jeff wins AC over Jordan and Ronnie goes home. Russell puts up Kevin, Lydia or Michelle, probably K&L. He then approaches Jeff if you win AC send Ronnie home. One things for sure whoever is AC will have a lot of friends in the house once its announced!
  11. Agree he is gone. I think his only chance would be to play to Jessie's ego. Nominate and evict Kevin !!!!!, isolate Lydia so she and Nat can wait on you hand and mouth, er foot. Approach Jeff and say we need to break up Lydia/Kevin voting block before they make a power play of the floaters/outsiders (which is already starting). Pledge himself to the dark side and then hope to flip Russell and Chima next week. With Ronnie in and Casey on board thats 6 for the athletes.
  12. For some odd reason I find them the most compelling on show. Least offensive anyway. I think they should approach Renny and say final three. No one will ever suspect. If you get that far you would surely win against us. We'll protect you and get your enemies out (April, Jesses at the elast). Relying on Dan is just stupid. They all are skittish of him from one point of view or the other. Would Renny bite?
  13. 9:12 BBT Adam and Ryan repeating to each other.:WE ARE F2!! (*Ryan appears almost desperate as if he is trying to convince Adam that he should not change his mind).
  14. Wow so Adam approaches Sheila and says I will lay down for u today. He says same thing to Ryan. Just in case the HOH is easy for him. Had not thought of it that way. Of the three Adam is most deserving. Hands down (sweatpants) .
  15. If Sharon goes to final 2 she wins no matter who stands next to her. The James Gang will vote for her. They all stated their hatred for everyone else in the house. Natalie has been betrayed by Sheila, Ryan and Adam. That's 4 votes right there. Plus the person Ryan and Sharon screw this week. Which would be a shame because Sharon has skated and schemed the whole way through. They have to get her out of there now. That means they probably won't of course but they should. As unbelievable as it sounds it looks like Adam and Sheila turn out to be the most deserving. WHAT AM I SAYING!?!
  16. 4:30 BBT Sheila is really a great actress relaying the days events to Sharon with She as the innocent lamb (*but is totally clueless that Sharon hates her guts. There is no way any of James Gang will vote for anyone but Sharon. unless forced to do so Why even risk keeping her? The James Gang HATES GNAT most of all. They should be fighting over who gets to stand next to her at F2 I keep waiting for one of them to have a V-8 moment*)
  17. 9: 15 BBT OK I am watching BBAD and Sheila is making an Alex doll in HOH using a paper towel likeness drawn by Gnat, pillows, paper towel wads, a tee shirt and sweat pants. (*Why? Haven't the foggiest*). She is talking to Alex as she is doing it. (*OK make that two restraining orders, Matt vs gnat, Alex vs Sheila. Oh hell throw in Jacob vs Sharon*).
  18. 9:00 BBT Sheila took a hard fall. Broke off part of her tooth. (The ME saga gets another chapter).
  19. 9: 08 BBT They are all bonding -- over coloring eggs!!! (*My first post. Be gentle*)

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