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  1. Ian wants to "make BB history" by saying the QP made final 4. I think it will be his undoing in the house but he seems more interested in QP til death than thinking about the game he loves.
  2. Still not convinced she is a not a stalker in training but I am starting to believe this girl is quite an actress. She has switched emotions on and off depending on who she is talking to. Her problem is she thinks she is playing Dan and its the other way around. Dan's problem is he is running out of people to play against each other. He has to convince Dani to vote Shane out. He will start in on her as soon as this POV is over.
  3. Disappointed with how Adam went out. With a WIMPer as it were. He'll do fine. You know how many bars there are where he lives? He'll be milking it for awhile. At least Porker is young and has time to get it. Adam should have by now. He obviously hasn't.
  4. Its on the main Morty's BB13 Update page but this should get you there: http://www.mortystv.com/donate.shtml
  5. "Big Brother" Wraps Up Its Most Successful Summer Since 2004 With Year-To-Year Growth On All Platforms Categories: Network TV Press Releases. Yup that's an actual headline. Figured I would credit the LFU for the increase. I can't credit most (but not all) of these HGs. I just can't.
  6. In the past few years I have tried to fill in some of the feeder gaps here and there but some of the HG voices this year really grated on me. Made me appreciate Mortys that much more. Have just sent a donation as a thanx to Morty for giving us a place to play. Only takes a minute. Try it. You'll like it!
  7. I think all the scenarios get easier if Porkchop leaves this week. Jordan will realize oh about Monday that she and adam aretooclose to each other. Yes Kalia is good at questions but physicals? 10 donuts? Nuff said. Plus Adam knows Kalia voted him out this week. More likely he will stay loyal to JoRo. So the odds favor Rachel to get to final 3 improve with Porkchop out.
  8. Program note (at least on the northeast coast): tonite's BB show is on at o dark 1:30 same say tape due to football game. Set your dvrs for that time slot and next one on case game drags on.
  9. OK AS end up on the block Thursday. I say JR should split the vote at the last minute and put it all on K to decide who goes. Tell Adam that they want to trust him but he has to work on K to vote out S. If she does its AJR all the way. If not they know S will not win at the end and still try and play her for her allegience.
  10. It happens every year. HGs say the most vile things behind other HG's backs while professing to play the game "with integrity". Then they get insulted when they get called on it. I'd like to think S,K,P and D will wll have quite a chat with Karma real soon. If not in the house then when they get out.
  12. Ragan, you professed to be so sensitive about "social bullies" and "mob mentality" do you realize you were the most guilty of being just that? Twitney, it seemed all you did, mostly behind people's back, was ridicule and mock people, that is when you were not picking at some part of your body. Do you think there was some sort of Karma in your getting so close only to get what you took delight in other people getting - being shown the door? Hayseed, do you really think we buy the fact that nothing went on under those covers? Enzo, please tell me I beg of you: it was all an act wasn't it?
  13. classic Enzo-ism last night. Hayseed says only 48 more hours til we get our cellphones. Enzo says yo that makes it seem so long. Call it what it is: A DAY!
  14. 9:23 BBT Hayden discussing a website his friend started. He gives the name and we get a cutaway to the smartest people in the house (the flamingos).
  15. 6:10 BBT The Houseguests are playing a game that will be secret until (Enzo whines about it) next TV show.
  16. BRA-GADE BOARDS with Hair Color For Men licenses
  17. In the NY area the show airs at 1:30 am but football may run late. If u dvr might want to tape next show as well.
  18. One of the few honest moments this year was very telling. When Rachel came back she asked britney why she left her a nasty goodbye message. Britney truly looked shocked. I am convinced BB substitued her real message with a clip they made while egging Britney on in DR.
  19. Wow classy guys huh? Wonder if he knows Adam (BB9)?
  20. Truly hysterical observation. And sadly accurate. Thanx. You made my day.
  21. 9:32 BBT Brit and Ragan in cabana room. Ragan continues his (very well thought imo) analysis. Brit insisting she is not naive (yeah right) and knows the score with the boys. (Just not sure Ragan is making any kind of case to try and keep him).
  22. 9:08 BBT Everyone but Enzo in living room going through Hayden's HOH basket. Hayden talking about how his mom would tell him to cut his hair and reading the ingredients on the packages in his basket. (gonna be a LONG few weeks folks - WHO)
  23. When does Matt get to use the DPV? at POV ceremony? On Thursday before the vote?

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