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  1. I have tried to fill in the gaps in LFU since I started watching a few years ago. Was all set to get the feeds and help out more this year but after the first two shows of watching this group I just could not do it. So my thanks to you all. You have stronger stomachs than I. See you next year.
  2. I am trying to set aside my dislike for these three and going on game play and jury reaction but it ain't easy. Worst mistake I can remember in this game was Andy not getting GM out in final four. Could you imagine McCrae's speech in finals? I played a great social game and won a lot of competitions. When I wanted to get out of bed. Taking him along was a no brainer for me. IMHO if GM gets to final she wins regardless of who is up against her. Ratboy beats Fatboy if it gets to just them. I think the 8 times on the block actually works against Fatboy. No one thought enough of him to vote him out! They will reward Ratboy for getting over on them, esp. Helen and McCrea maybe even Elissa.
  3. It's all on GM now or will Andy use veto and nominate her? Personall these guys are fools if they take GM to final 3. She gets lucky at the end and is in the top two its hers. WAIT! They ARE fools!
  4. Found the perfect angle: at a 40 degree angle on my kindle from 50 feet.
  5. I would guess so but Spencer has agreed with just about everybody the last week so who knows. GM seems resolved to be on the block. I think the POV will show us which way the producers are leaning. McCrae is in terrible shape physically (lay off the cigs for few days pal) so if its questions or something not endurance you know they are pulling for him.
  6. "And the male alliance is not fake. The plan is going down exactly as Spence and Andy said it would. They've even stated who will go to jury if GM wins the POV this week." Late last nite Spencer and Judd agreed they should tell McCrae how they got Amanda out to "ease his mind". Which would also blow up ratboy's plans btw. Right now I am hoping for Judd and McCrae. If Mc wins I hope he invests in a new identity where Amanda cannot follow.
  7. I believe Elissa's flopping is totally DR driven. She gains two jury votes with Macandra and exposes Andy's duplicity. Andy and GM (the tie breaker) both lose the Mcandra block of jury votes as well. Its a solid game move but one I do not believe she could ever come onto on her own.
  8. I think the McMandas are starting to realize they need replacement minions with Aryan going home and Andy an acknowldeged floater/liar. Elissa can't compete for HOH next week but her vote will be a real factor if she comes off the block (cannot forsee anyone NOT putting her up except for Judd and even that is iffy). Notice I an ignoring GM as I cannot imagine a contest she could win : ).
  9. Julie Chen Thursday night: "By a vote of 3 to 2 Helen was voted out but she won the competition to enter the game again. Congratulations and please sit on the couch next to Andy".
  10. I think he would have lost anyway but he did not handle the Q and A and last speeches well at all. Seemed all over the place and constantly interrupting Ian with snide comments or exaggerated gestures/rolling of the eyes. He spoke second. His argument against Ian should have been at the very end of his speech where Ian would have no time to react not in the beginning or in his responses to the Q and A. He should have streed his own deeds and frankly owned up to the backdoors. You all got got and did not even ee it coming, That's how good I am. He just might have gotten another vote or two. I can honestly say this is the first time I recall being very satisfied with the final four finished although it would have been interesting how Dan played it had he NOT backdoored Shane.
  11. I have a three minute rule on these things Hopefully what little common sense I have stops from posting the bad ones.
  12. See my post in the Frank thread. He won because last week Dan urged people to vote for Ian a AP when he thought he would have to give Ian the shaft. Since Ian won and had his own huge fan base Frank slips into the second spot.
  13. This is how it happened: And The Mist God did say to his accolytes on Live Feed "go forth and vote for Naive Ian as AP in my name." And the multitude said YES MASTER!. Then verily at the end of BB 14 days didth Naive Ian reveal himself as Ian the Usurper taking the Mist God's throne away thereby giving the AP to the second place vote getter, the bitter and evil Frank.
  14. In Dan's practice speech to the camera last night he kept on talking about HE will tell you he founded the quack pack. Now that could be only if he loses part 3 cause Dani is such a gimme in his mind to go up against but methinks he was tipping us off its Ian he intends to take to F2.
  15. Could you imagine? He wins Pt 3, turns to Dan and says in a cultured Ivy league voice Phew glad that's over. Pop a squat Dan!
  16. Listening to her at night jutifying how much more worthy she is to be F2 "I have had to fight since day1" says she. It all makes sense now. The lunacy, the insecurity, the me me me attitude, the acne, the baby voice. SHE IS RACHEL IN DISGUISE!
  17. Yeah but I think that was too much even for Dan. Not really convinced Dan will take Dani now.
  18. If you look at FB around 10:02 BBT I think Dan is saying he cannot take Dani after her outburst "in good conscience" (emphasis added for irony purposes). That is what leads to him to seriously consider throwing Part 3 thinking Dani's loyalty will bring Shane's vote for Dan and give him the win if its Ian that cuts her (which is the hands to the side gesture=cutting). I read lips a bit and Ian is definitely thinking about taking Dani if he wins Part 3. That's why he was so frenetic (well even more than his usual frenetic) last nite. Questioning to himself how does he justify to jury if he does.
  19. 9:15 BBB Feeds are back. Looks like I an won Part 2!
  20. Life got in the way of my small LFU contributions this season. Job well done (and lots of patience this season in particular). Thanks to you all
  21. Very clever autobiography using her words in the BB house: http://tamaratattles.com/2012/09/11/the-autobiography-of-danielle-murphree-a-compilation-of-her-own-words/

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