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  1. What’s the over and under on how quick she drops melon boy if she wins.
  2. Hey Cliff! Still think it was a good idea to get rid of Tommy? Yuckin Futz. IMHO a week of Holly Michie will come back and bite production in the butt. Be careful what you wish for.
  3. Too risky. That gives all the power to Tommy and three days for the two evil ones to talk Tommy into keeping Holly. Take Cliff off, vote out Holly and then its Nicole and Cliff vs Tommy in the HOH.
  4. Final thoughts: - Best line was Paul telling Julie he did not know why he lost but "the stats were there". Yeah but the votes were not. : ). Rigged or not the vote was entertaining television. - The jury would not know how mean xmas was. Not sure Josh would have won against her. I think the votes would be the same (for/vs Josh) except Alex and Cody. - Can't thank CBS enough for the cast this summer. Freed up a lot more of my time. - Thanks to Morty, the LFU crew and all the posters. Made a bad season entertaining as always.
  5. That would be the most excitement in a month. Who does she put up. One of her two puppies (Josh and Kevin)? No matter who she picks she shows her hand and the mob will turn on her.
  6. Starting to get the feeling Vic is the Grodner golden boy this year He gets voted out again and miracle of miracles beats the other four and comes back into the game. Paul wins hoh Thursday and its those two trolls to the end. Sigh.
  7. My guess is there will be no one filling in the missing spots tonight. Sunday there will be a contest of new and returning guests to see who enters the game.
  8. Before the fun begins thank you all for the time and effort you all put in to making this site so fun. Much appreciated. Signed, a lapsed occasional LFU
  9. Anyone read Dr Will's write-up - see Mortys (of course)home page link: http://www.tvinsider.com/article/42210/big-brother-finale-will-kirby-reveals-a-very-angry-jury/ Very interesting take on jurors and season overall.
  10. Well I think Van has pulled her last sleazy act. Instead of confronting Liz together with Steve about their final 2 deal she tells him oh I took care of that. Give her the money and get her out of my sight.
  11. Well she will piss off either S or L since she has pledged undying devotion to both. Would she risk throwing part 3? Wow that would beat out Marcellas for the top bonehead play of all time. It would light up the internet!
  12. Well Steve will take Liz it seems. In that case I think Steve wins. If Vanessa takes Steve (I doubt she will) then it will be close but I thin Steve wins. IF van takes Liz it will be very close but I think Liz wins 5-4
  13. ITA Slowpoke but then again I felt an undercover policeman was unfair as well.
  14. I dislike Vanessa and Austin both on a game basis and personality basis. Putting all that aside I think Vanessa is dreaming if she thinks she has any chance against Austin or Liz in the final two. The Austwins, Jackie James or Megs will never vote for her if she is up against either Austin or Liz. I also think it would be very sleazy to abandon Steve now and there will be a backlash if she does both in the game after the game is over. BUT if she can blindside Austin now and then get Liz out next week she just may get Austin's vote on an ego basis alone (she was smart enough to get ME out) and he would probably sway Liz with that logic (assuming she CAN get logic). To me that is playing the odds she is always spouting about. This season has been a tough one to bear but I love the game. I am not often right about the choices the people make but the human dynamic continues to fascinate me. So I will root for a J/S final waving ba-bye to Van. If not its comforting to know Morts is here.
  15. Her claim to fame will be her thinking Sigmund Freud was a lion tamer in Vegas.
  16. Wow Vanessa is going for the throat here. If Liz keeps to her promise just now of sleeping with Julia for the rest of the week this could get scary. I think Austin is unhinged to begin with. Well y'all wanted drama right? Well here ya go.
  17. I think she will throw the POV. She promised Steve she would NOT use it and promised Austin she would.
  18. So who does Vanessa want out now that she has won HOH. Oh wait Steve did. No wait I was right the first time. Will she let him sleep in the HOH room?
  19. Now I have seen everything this year. Julia as the voice of reason. Sigh. Yesterday Liz says to Julia if Meg stays she will come after us next week. Julia looks at Liz in astonishment and says If Meg stays I am gone!
  20. Austin will proclaim his need to protect his girls. Worse case is Meg then James or John. Odds in her favor on not, Vanessa gets 4th and Austwits get 1-2-3 if either go second..
  21. James sees the rehearsals are gearing up for a DE Thursday. He talks Steve and John into evicting Julia. James wins HOH and they evict Liz at DE. John wins HOH and says to Van and Austin let's save time. Cop a squat. Thursday's show ends. If you are gonna dream dream big!
  22. I think the question to ask is who has the best chance to STAY once they get back. A lot of times that person is the first or second gone once they come back. I think the answer is Shelli. Both sides will try to work with her.
  23. Is she faking it or exaggerating? If so THAT would be a nice BB moment. "John you have been evicted..." as Becky runs to get his bag and drops it by the door.

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